Activating Strengths

“I know that creative outlets are important for me to feel balanced in my life. As an administrator, my days can turn into long “to-do” lists with no time for reflection or a mental space to think differently. Knowing that “creativity” is one of my top five strengths, I schedule time in my week to read, write, go see a play, or just dream in a way that feels unrestrained by the day-to-day tasks and timelines of my life.”

– Jeff Groh, Director, The New School Montessori


The New School Montessori has worked this year with the Mayerson Academy in working with identifying and developing character strengths in staff and students.

The Mayerson Academy’s newsletter quoted Jeff Groh in their January newsletter article titled, Improve Your Self-Management Strategies in 5 Minutes a Day.

Click here to read the full article.




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