The Great Barrier Reef’s Fan Club

The kindergartners made and labeled a mural of the Great Barrier Reef after falling in love with a book they read about it. Their teachers marveled at the details the students remembered and drew for the mural.   .    .   

Students create works inspired by Andy Goldsworthy’s creations

New School Montessori elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, introduced her students to the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Andy creates art from found objects in nature, and Robin’s students designed their own interpretations using objects from nature found in our Elementary Woods.

Students study simple machines

For the rest of the school year, students in 4th-6th grade will focus on simple machines in their physical science lessons with teacher Nancy Buchman. Students began their study by sorting pictures of everyday objects into the 6 different categories of simple machines. Lever Wheel and axle Pulley Inclined plane Wedge Screw

Shakespeare Club performed Romeo and Juliet

Throughout the week, New School Montessori 4th, 5th and 6th graders performed a 25-minute version of William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” for numerous audiences. Since September, these student actors have been studying and practicing in their after-school Shakespeare club. They have worked with their club leaders, Jeff Groh and Laura Slanker, and have also dug deep into their characters by exploring the story with visiting actors from The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. After one of the students’ performances, Ken and Carol Adelman (grandparents of 3 TNSM students) discussed the play with New School elementary children. Ken and Carol lead a …

Students learn about inclined planes

New School Montessori students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade studied inclined planes with teacher Nancy Buchman. An inclined plane is inclined at an angle to the horizontal. That angle of incline can be measured and loads or weights can be recorded and pulled up the incline with a measurable force. One can also note how the angle of the incline and friction play a part in the forces required to transport items up or down an incline.  

A Montessori Kitchen

Our Food Philosophy We believe that the education of the whole child is carried through to nutrition.  To that end, we empower our children with the understanding of how food fuels our bodies and teach them to make healthy choices for themselves.  We provide a hot, nutritious, varied and sugar-free meal every day.  We recognize the connections between plate, planet, people and culture and know that the love and thought put into the preparation of our food is experienced by students and staff. This summer, we are renovating our school’s kitchen. In addition to updating the appliances, hood and kitchen surfaces, we …

Patterning activities to accommodate different learning styles and interests

Concepts are presented in many different ways to accommodate the different interests and learning styles of children. In addition, this work develops hand coordination as the soft and colorful elastic loops are placed on the appropriate finger. Earlier this year, students studied birds and used a different patterning material where the child created a bird with beak color, wing color and tail feathers to match the picture of the bird on the card. Click this link to see the post about that work.  

Elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, appeared in an international fiber arts magazine

New School Montessori elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, shared her experience of using art to heal with the editors of the fiber arts magazine Hand/Eye. The article was called, “Instrumental Healing: Surviving Cancer Through Art.” The article begins with Robin telling about her love of art at an early age and having the support of her family to follow her dreams. Robin completed her art training at Pratt Institute and began creating costumes for Broadway shows and Saturday Night Live. From there, Robin created Muppets for the TV show and movies, and she eventually moved to Cincinnati to work on …

Preprimary children practice Dr. Montessori’s exercises in grace and courtesy

Grace and courtesy lessons help create a culture of respect for self, for others and for the environment. Preprimary children have a high need for order in their lives. They grow more comfortable in an environment when they learn their place in that environment and take responsibility for their role as a member of that social structure. Montessori curriculum helps give children the vocabulary they need while also providing step-by-step instructions for the children to practice. As a result, children are more aware of the needs of an environment and the needs of others and they have the skills to …

Preprimary students are processing what they’ve learned about artist Yayoi Kusama

New School Montessori preprimary students have been learning about the work and style of Yayoi Kusama and her iconic polka dots in the Obliteration Room. As you can read from this student’s language work spread out on her cloth mat, she wanted to process what she’d heard about this fascinating artist writing, “The Obliteration Room has lots of dots. The Obliteration Room is a room filled with dots. Yayoi Kusama is an artist. She is from Japan.” Below, you can learn more about the artist and see what the Obliteration Room looked like before visitors were invited to place colored …