4th graders learn various ways to improve their writing skills

New School Montessori 4th graders spent the first part of the year writing personal narratives. After choosing an interesting recent event, they learned how to write an attention-getting introductory paragraph, a detailed body, and to conclude with a memorable ending. They “dressed up” their writing by adding descriptive adjectives, ~ly adverbs, and quotes to their story. Stop in to read their stories that are hanging in the Annex.

Gearing up for A Midsummer Night’s Dream

The after-school Shakespeare Club welcomed 3 actors from Cincinnati’s Shakespeare Company to lead a workshop for them. The actors prepared activities to help student practice getting into character for their spring production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. They “workshopped” being rude mechanicals, fairies and Athenians. The students also have been doing table reads of different parts, trying to find which character types fit them best. After the winter break, the group will start settling in to their roles and will make final decisions on whether to go with a more modern or Shakespearean version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream this spring.

Audrey’s recipes for vegetarian loaf and turkey meatloaf

Chef Audrey Cobb is sharing the vegetarian and turkey meatloaf recipes she and Ryonen Ignatius used in making lunch for us today. It was an amazing spread which also included: smashed potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, green salad, and a wild rice and sweet potato salad. Audrey provided recipes below for both the vegetarian loaf and the turkey meatloaf.

Melissa Robinson led strings presentation with 24 students on bass, cello, violas and violins

Melissa Robinson, former NKU director of strings and TNSM parent, leads our elementary beginning strings and orchestra program with great skill, creativity and love of fun. Nearly 40% of elementary students in 2nd-6th grade choose to be part of the after-school strings program. Melissa challenges and engages the children at all levels and selects music that interests them. The beginning strings students performed a number of songs that showed their remarkable progress. The advanced students played several seasonal songs with spooky Halloween themes and were joined by preprimary teacher and local band member, Brendan Blumer, on drums and other percussion …

Who Am I? and “D’em Bones” are Halloween traditions at The New School

Each year at TNSM, elementary students celebrate Halloween in a special way. The 6th graders share their love of anatomy in a “D’em Bones” song that lists bones from (head) parietal bone… to (toe) the distal phalanges. Who Am I? is another long held tradition at TNSM. Students dress up as a literary or historical figure and provide three clues for their peers to guess who they are. Parents and children alike, appreciate the work the students have put in to  learning their song, preparing their costumes, and the bravery. Teachers dress up as well. See if you can figure out who our art teacher, …

Students created pie charts in Excel with data from their geology lesson

As part of their geology studies with teacher Nancy Buchman, 4th-6th graders learned about the elements in the Earth’s crust.  Sixth graders learned new Excel skills by entering data and then creating a pie or circle chart of the elements. The were challenged to try out various chart styles, color themes, and fonts to make their chart unique.  

Preprimary teacher Colleen Blumer encouraged kindergartners to draw a skeleton and to learn the names of the bones

Preprimary teacher Colleen Blumer encouraged kindergartners to draw a skeleton and to learn the names of the bones by consulting books, models and posters. They discussed the importance of having a skeletal structure and how muscles, nerves, tendons and ligaments all work together to help them move. They then set about the task of drawing what they’d learned. Colleen encouraged them to break it down to things they knew how to draw already. Colleen asked, “Can you draw a circle? Can you draw a straight line? Then you can draw a skeleton.” Students were surprised to see how connecting lines …

Fossil hunting at Caesar Creek

TNSM 4th and 5th graders spent the day at Caesar Creek State Park hiking, visiting exhibits, learning about nature and looking for fossils.  Students found and identified brachiopods, crinoid stems, bryozoans, and possibly some sections of trilobites. We are grateful to our parent volunteer chaperones who helped make this trip possible.

Thanh Nha recommends a book series she’s reading

Third grader Thanh Nha loves a book that is interesting and gets her attention. She recommends the Warrior series by Erin Hunter saying, “It’s a really good story about cats – and I love cats!” Thanh Nha says she admires the house cat Rusty and how he learns to make friends and finds that he can also be strong. One of the lessons Thanh Nha learned from the book is not to judge people.