Shakespeare Club performs “Hamlet”

The New School Montessori offers a variety of inspiring after-school clubs for its students, one being Shakespeare Club. The school’s director, Jeff Groh and (9-12) teacher, Laura Slanker have been leading this club for many years with the children performing 45-minute versions of such works as: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, Macbeth and now Hamlet. The New School Montessori’s Shakespeare Club for 4th-6th graders is Cincinnati’s only Shakespeare Touring Ensemble made up entirely of child actors. We are so proud of their work! Click below to see a brief “movie trailer” for the play and to hear …

Enjoy these samples of kindergartners’ inspired and inspiring work

Just as musicians are inspired by each others’ work, borrowing phrases and musical innovations that move them, artists also learn from each others’ techniques and interpretations of nature, light and lines. New School Montessori kindergartners held an art show this spring showcasing their own work that was inspired by Kandinsky, Monet, Picasso, Kahlo, van Gogh, Basquiat, and even the cave paintings of Lascaux. The kindergartners’ teacher, Ryonen Ignatius, guided them in their process which included learning about the life and work of each artist. They visited the Cincinnati Art Museum where they studied brush strokes, the treatment of light and artists’ …

Metric Kingdom

6th graders learned how practical the metric system is, and that the same prefixes are used for measuring length (meter), weight (kilo), or capacity (liter).  This work uses the Montessori place-value colors of green, blue, red to represent the powers of 10 that correspond to milli, centi, deci, deca, hecto, and kilo.  

From the binomial square to the binomial cube…

Having worked extensively with the binomial square, 6th graders are now using the Montessori cubing material to build a binomial cube. Each color corresponds to the bead bar colors they have been using for years.  

“It’s like a carpet made of wild flowers!”

Preprimary students picked and studied wild flowers in their botany class with teacher Colleen Blumer. One student remarked, “It’s like a carpet made of wild flowers!” They learned about roots, shoots, leaves, buds, flowers, fruit and seeds. They read “Log Hotel” to discover how plant matter is broken down by decomposition. They then turned over rotten logs in our woods and met some of the creatures who help in that process!  

Preprimary book shares student work and their memories of it

Teacher Shawn Dougherty shared student work in a book she created. She interviewed the children and recorded their thoughts as they looked back at the photos and told what they remembered. Here are a few pages from the section of the book called, “Care of Classmates.”

Teacher Shawn Dougherty interviewed and documented (3-6) students’ work in a book

New School Montessori children in the (3-6) program have enjoyed seeing themselves, their words and their work documented in a book in the North Room classroom. Teacher Shawn Dougherty created the book for students to read. Click here to see a sample of pages from the first section called, “Care of Self.”  

4th and 5th grade students prepare for their upcoming overnight trip to Columbus

4th and 5th grade New School Montessori students are studying the three branches of Ohio government to help prepare for their upcoming trip to Columbus. Listed below are just some of the activities the teachers have planned for the students’ visit. COSI Ohio History Center American Whistle Factory Kelton House (An Underground Railroad experience) State House tour Visit North Street Market Columbus Museum of Art CMA Sleuths and Workshop Waterman Dairy and OSU Franklin Park Conservatory Butterfly exhibit Art tour Observe glass blowing