Our Chef, Audrey Cobb, sure makes good homemade soup!

The New School Montessori provides a homemade lunch that is included as part of tuition. Each day, children and staff choose from numerous fresh-cooked main and side dishes. Chef Audrey Cobb specializes in vegetarian cooking and always has vegan and vegetarian options.   On a cold day like today, nothing is better than a bowl of Audrey’s hot soup. Mika had fun finding her name in the alphabet soup. We don’t have a recipe yet for Audrey’s alphabet soup, but click here to try her squash soup.

Preprimary students created an un-meltable snowman

The non nappers worked very hard as a team to build a snowman from papier-mâché. Everyone had the chance to have a role in the project, and teachers Nadja Nether and Colleen Blumer reported in unison, “It was so much fun!”

Kindergartners’ fertile minds are growing…

Preprimary teacher Colleen Blumer took our kindergartners on an adventure in botany and art with a recent project. The class learned about germination, shoots and roots, and created works of art using white string for roots and green construction paper as shoots.. A number of weeks ago, students planted seeds in clear plastic cups. Colleen asked each student to create a goofy-faced pose to represent what they might be feeling if actual green grass were growing from their heads. They then planted their faces on the outside of a cup and watched their grassy hair grow. It’s fun to see their creative poses.

Catherine Pray-Bollmann and Crystal Dahlmeier then and now

Many years ago, when Catherine Pray-Bollman was just 4 years old, her teacher at the Xavier Lab School was Crystal Dahlmeier. Today, Catherine is a (6-9) teacher at The New School Montessori and Crystal volunteers in The New School’s preprimary program. (Crystal actually works with Catherine’s 4-year-old daughter in TNSM’s South Room).   It’s obvious that nothing has changed over the years as these 2 women continue to be just as passionate about Montessori education as they were back then!

Just how big is a dinosaur?

We know dinosaurs were big, but just how big were they? In order to imagine the relative size of these ancient beasts against something students are familiar with, New School Montessori kindergartners bundled up  and took to the parking lot to measure and imagine what some of these creatures from the past might look like parked next to our beloved Mitchell Mansion. Each student picked a different dinosaur, measured twine that equaled the length of the animal and then spread out to unroll their length of rope. If you squint, you can see Kalkin in the background as he was …

A Montessori masterpiece

William and Zain created a mixed media masterpiece using different Montessori materials. The combination included the pink tower, the binomial cube and the cube of the trinomial. The boys were so excited when they placed the last pink cube on top of their creation – and it didn’t fall over – that they started dancing. Another Montessori masterpiece!

Students learned about the importance of recycling and then practiced the art of paper making

Kara Luggen from Keep Cincinnati Beautiful gave a presentation on the importance of recycling to Jean and Sophia’s (6-9) classroom. Kara’s visit was timely, as the students had been learning about trees and how our forests create oxygen for the planet. Recycling is important. The resources we harvest should not be buried after one use but should be used and reused to their full potential.  Kara shared that nearly half of the trash in our landfills is recyclable. We can do better. Paper is one of the easiest materials to recycle and can go through the process many times while …

Debbie makes popcorn with the kids, and they made it disappear!

Longtime New School Teacher Debbie Weinstein presents exciting food demonstrations with a Chef Combo lesson for her preprimary students each week. On this day, students sang a song with Debbie while the hum of the air popper whirred in the background. It’s fun to see the students’ excitement as pieces of popped corn eventually come flying onto the sheet. Like snowflakes on warm pavement, these white fluffy morsels quickly “melted” away.  

The Ginkgo House is buzzing with electricity!

New School Montessori students in 4th-6th grade are learning to build circuits using conductors (wires), a driving force (batteries), and the load (light). They have built both parallel and series circuits and have discovered first hand what happens when one of the lights is removed from the circuit. This is a timely experiment as many notice this problem at home while setting up holiday lights if one bulb is burned out or has become loose.  

Everyone loved Mika’s “Chef-for-a-day” selections for lunch

Mika was our “Chef for a Day” last week and selected a terrific menu for our school’s lunch. We had nachos with black beans, seasoned turkey, tricolored chips, 3 salsas and queso. Fresh avocados and guacamole were served along with cilantro, diced onions, 2 cheeses, lettuce, taco sauce, sour cream and more. Ex-Day students were please that Mika remembered them in her planning and they had banana bread as their afternoon snack.