World peace begins with children

Maria Montessori believed that the effort to achieve world peace should begin with the children. “By taking the child into consideration, we touch something common to all humanity. We cannot achieve world harmony simply by attempting to unite all these adult people who are so different, but we can achieve it if we begin with the child who is not born with national and racial prejudices.”  (Standing, 1984) The pre-primary non-nappers are working on building positive identities about themselves while also showing respect for others’ differences. Some of the works they’ve completed so far include: Celebrating their names Mixing paint …

TNSM’s Preprimary and Elementary Woods look great with new mulch and no weeds!

The New School Montessori’s “farming gardens” and woods are both nicely weeded and blanketed in mulch. We are so grateful to the over 30 adults and children who came to help. Both the Preprimary and Elementary Woods look great with their new mulch and no weeds! Here are some photos from Saturday’s adventure. Thanks so much for all your help!    

Students in Ex-Day share their work

New School Montessori students in elementary extended day were so proud of their amazing marble creation that they left it standing for a few days. The marble-delivery structure had 2 entry points where marbles could enter the maze. It was extra fun to predict where the marbles might meet up on their journey downward.

Preprimary students work together to create a unique piece

Preprimary art teacher, Ryonen Ignatius, presented an art project where each student created a slice of the overall work. Students were told to complete their section using crayons and water colors. They learned that the wax of the crayons provided a protective layer over that section of their paper and prevented the water color pigments from being absorbed. After the work dried, Ryonen trimmed and organized each piece to create the overall look the students were looking for.

Students learn about potential and kinetic energy

This year in physical science, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students will spend the year learning about energy.  For their first lesson, they learned about potential energy  (which is stored energy) and kinetic energy (which is moving energy).  Students learned more about these energy types by matching up energy terms with real-life examples.

End marks? End marks! End marks.

One of the favorite beginning-of-the-year lessons for 4th graders is a lesson reviewing types of sentences and their end marks. Students are challenged to sort sentences, descriptions, and end marks into declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, and imperative. Teacher Nancy Buchman suggests that we refresh our understanding of end marks by stopping in to ask a 4th grader to share their sentence work with us.

Kalkin used the metal inset to make The New School Montessori logo.

One set of Montessori materials a child may choose to use in the classroom is called metal insets. These insets come in a variety of shapes including: square triangle circle rectangle oval trapezoid pentagon curvilinear triangle quatrefoil ellipse Children use these materials to create their own collection of work.  In addition to the creative experience, when children trace the shapes with a colored pencil, they also are practicing fine motor control needed in handwriting. Kalkin used the metal inset circle to help fit the bird, ginkgo leaf, whale, and person into The New School Montessori’s logo.

2012 Grads share plans for their future

Matthew Maring was a four-year, three-sport varsity athlete in cross country, swimming and track. He served as team captain of cross country and track senior year and made it to state in cross country and swimming. Sophomore year, the swim team was the division 2 state champions. Matthew also participated in math club, science club, Inter-alliance of Cincinnati clubs and instrumental ensemble. He was listed on the honor roll each quarter and was a National Merit Scholar. Matthew will attend Colby College in the fall and will swim on varsity swim team. He is not quite sure about his major, but is …

Monarch butterflies migrated right into The New School Montessori classrooms

TNSM mom, Carrie Driehaus, brought monarch butterflies into each of TNSM’s classrooms. The students listened intently as Carrie shared all she has learned about the plight of monarch butterflies.   Carrie first took an interest in insects when she focused her camera lens on studying flowers. The bees, butterflies and ants were ever-present in her work which sent her into research mode to learn more about these creatures. Since May, Carrie has turned her Clifton garden into a home for bees and monarch butterflies (with a backyard beehive housing 30,000 bees).  Carrie has also planted milkweed (purchased from her local nursery) …

TNSM staff tell about their summer

Many thanks to TNSM Alumni parent and photographer, Helen Adams, for taking a group staff photo, capturing most of us the week before school started. Ann Baumgardner My husband, Erich, and I attended my Weimer family reunion in Livingston, Montana while Cincinnati was at its hottest. The cool temps were a nice respite, but on rodeo night (with no winter coat) I stuffed my raincoat with hotel bath towels to keep the below 40 degree temps from freezing me out. Later in the summer, I spent a few days in Pittsburgh with college friends and a few days with Mom during …