6th grade students prepared a Civil Rights timeline

New School Montessori 6th graders spent some time studying and writing papers on numerous Civil Rights events. They presented their projects to the class and created a timeline together. The students remarked about how sad they were to hear what terrible things the African American community endured. They said they knew it had been a bad time, but they hadn’t realized how very terrible it was, how cruel, and that it wasn’t that long ago. Mirabelle studied Rosa Parks and admired her bravery. She was proud that Ms. Parks had let people know that women can stand up for rights too. Mirabelle said, …

New School students met Bruce Harris and learned about the importance of participating in their community

Speaker Bruce Harris shared his experiences of being blind from birth with New School elementary students. At the age of 6, a surgery restored much of Bruce’s vision, and he became a big fan of color. He enjoys attending Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta where hundreds of colorful hot air balloons fill the sky. Bruce adds color to children’s lives by leading puppet shows at the Interfaith Hospitality Network.   Bruce still struggles with vision problems, but is happy to read the morning news to listeners in his Cincinnati Association for the Blind radio program. Bruce coaches an after-school debate team …

Montessori-in-Motion dance excerpts

There was so much to see and hear at our Montessori-in-Motion elementary performance. Click below to see several dance excerpts from the Balinese dance portion of the presentation. Jeanne Speier has been teaching musica at TNSM for many years and is a trained Balinese dancer and teacher. She lived in Bali for 2 years and was recently recognized with a lifetime achievement award for her work with Katherine Dunham, a noted dancer.  

Students in (6-9) did a wonderful job on their musical

Our New School Montessori community enjoyed both an evening and morning performance of the (6-9) musical. These 1st through third graders did an outstanding job of memorizing their lines, dance moves and songs. We are grateful to TNSM strings teacher and TNSM parent, Melissa Robinson, for her continued leadership with this annual presentation. Click below to see the performance.  

An alumni family writes about missing The New School Montessori

The Gibson family attended The New School Montessori before work transferred them to Minnesota. They wrote to us recently with this message…   “Hardly a week has gone by when we haven’t spoken nostalgically about The New School. We’ve toured many Montessori schools, and half a dozen other preschools and elementary schools, which has made us long for your special school even more… You and the staff are just on a different plane of understanding, regarding how a school can be laid back, warm, creative, and meet the highest professional standards. What a gem in every way possible!”   Big …

(6-9) Students are receiving answers to letters written in writer’s workshop

New School Montessori students in (6-9) are beginning to receive responses to their letters written during writer’s workshop. Sam received a reply from Denise Driehaus, Hamilton County Commissioner. Murray wrote to numerous game creators like SEGA, Nintendo and Notch, the inventor of Minecraft. Murray has already received a letter back from Nintendo!

TNSM dance teacher, Jeanne Speier, receives lifetime achievement award

Congratulations to Jeanne Speier on her lifetime achievement award given in recognition and appreciation for her lifelong service and dedication to the life and legacy of Miss Katherine Dunham. The award dinner was held in East St. Louis with Jeanne and her family in attendance.   Jeanne has worked with students at The New School Montessori for many years and has also practiced and taught Katherine Dunham techniques and Balinese dance to adults and children throughout the world. Jeanne first studied under Miss Dunham in 1974 and performed in Carnegie Hall. She later spent 2 years in Bali.  

TNSM elementary students will have work shown in the Kennedy Heights Art Show

Robin Hartmann, TNSM art teacher, read the book Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold to her elementary classes. They learned what it’s like to live in a big city and that rooftops are often places where  one can lie on a beach towel to get some sun, plant some vegetables, or have dinner outdoors with friends. Just as the little girl, Cassie, in the book described what it would feel like to fly high above the buildings and bridges, the students used their imagination to create what they might see on such a flight. March 11, 2017 – April 8, 2017 Kennedy Heights Art Center 6546 …

Students embrace the beauty of imperfection in their art

TNSM’s elementary art teacher, Robin Hartmann, purposefully broke china plates into pieces for her students to repair in beautiful ways. They used the practice of kintsugi which is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, treating breakage as part of the history of an object and not something to disguise. It is in keeping with a Buddhist concept called wabi-sabi which centers on the wisdom and beauty of imperfection.  

Students gather children’s books to donate to the Anna Louise Inn

The New School Montessori’s student board is leading a book drive and hopes to gather over 300 children’s books. These books will be donated to families living in the Anna Louise Inn. The Inn has been providing safe and affordable housing for single women since 1909.