TNSM Strings Presentation

The New School Montessori Strings Program gave a presentation of their work. It included both beginning and advanced strings player. See below to hear a bit of their music. We are so pleased to have former NKU director of strings and TNSM parent, leading our elementary beginning strings and orchestra program with great skill, creativity and love of fun. Advanced Strings This country hoedown tune had both musicians and crowd members clapping, stomping and enjoying the music. We even had one student take up directing for a few minutes. Over 1/3 of our elementary students in 2nd-6th grade choose to be …

Appreciating differences in others

Longtime Appreciating Differences teacher, Johnnye White, works with students to help them notice and appreciate everyone’s uniqueness.  Johnnye and her students hold in-depth discussions, share experiences and listen to speakers who tell what they’ve discovered about being different. Students learn the importance of talking about feelings. They share their struggles of  living in a fast-paced world, and they talk about time management, self care and empathy skills. Students spent some time this week understanding some physical challenges by walking up the Mansion stairs with a blindfold wearing hearing protection to mimic hearing loss using crutches to walk wheeling themselves around …

Science fair for 1st-3rd graders

We challenged the young scientists in our 6-9 program to do a Science Fair project. They learned about the scientific method while having a lot of fun! Students were asked to think of a question to investigate, make a hypothesis about what would happen, design an experiment to test the hypothesis, and make a display to show what was learned. Topics included how to make the stretchiest slime, how to grow crystals, and effects of vitamins on plant growth. Each project was as unique and interesting as the scientist who designed it!

Annual Pancake Breakfast and Art Show

New School Montessori parent Eric Brouwer shared his photos from our Annual Pancake Breakfast and Art Show. As you can see, people of all ages enjoyed the food, the company and parent Alex Kreder’s slide show of photos from the school year. It was great to see current families, friends, extended family and alumni joining us for breakfast.   Many thanks to our student, parent, board and staff volunteers who made this day possible. And to Julianna Ndikintum for preparing those beautiful yearbooks that were distributed and pored over that morning.


Look what Mae found – an inchworm!

According to Wikipedia, inchworms are the larvae of the geometer moth. Their name is derived from the Ancient Greek geo ‘the earth’ and metron ‘measure’ in reference to the way their larvae appear to “measure the earth” as they move along in a looping fashion.

Rose researched how bird eggs look different

New School Montessori 4-year-old Rose has been studying birds with her classmates. Rose chose to research how birds eggs look different, depending on what kind of bird it is. In this picture she drew a scrub fowl egg and a crow egg.

A chef in the making…

Maeve created her own salad with lettuce, peas, cucumbers, sugar snap peas, hard boiled eggs, and an olive on top 🙂

4th-6th graders learn about how temperature and air pressure interact

New School Montessori students in 4th-6th grade learned how temperature and air pressure interact. For their experiment, students placed a balloon on top of two identical bottles. One bottle was placed in hot water, and the other was placed in cold water. Almost instantly they could see that the balloon in the hot water expanded, and the balloon in the cold water collapsed. This demonstrated that hot air expands and cool air condenses.

4th and 5th grader students took an overnight field trip to Marengo Caves and other area sights

Last week, New School Montessori 4th and 5th graders took an overnight field trip to Indiana to explore Gaulbert Cox Park, the stalagmites and stalactites of Marengo Caves, Spring Mill’s Gus Grissom Memorial Museum, Pioneer Village, nature hikes and grist mill. They also took a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory and practiced pitching and hitting at a mini batting and throwing range.