Students gather children’s books to donate to the Anna Louise Inn

The New School Montessori’s student board is leading a book drive and hopes to gather over 300 children’s books. These books will be donated to families living in the Anna Louise Inn. The Inn has been providing safe and affordable housing for single women since 1909.

Preprimary students learn about Australia

Preprimary teacher Debbie Weinstein introduced her students to life in Australia. They learned about the native people, seasons, animals and food. They tasted Vegemite and listened to Rachel Thurman, TNSM alum, about her time in Australia. Debbie read a book by famous Australian, Mem Fox, called Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge. The story is about a friendship between an elderly woman and her young neighbor, Wilford. The children wrote letters for Rachel’s grandmother, who lives in Australia, to distribute to people living in nursing homes.

TNSM 4th grader and New School alumni act in Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s production of “Richard III.”

New School Montessori students in 4th-6th grade attended a weekday matinee of Cincinnati Shakespeare Company’s Richard III. Two of their classmates were in the play: one a current student (Eli) and one a New School alumni (Jack). Eli commented, “It’s been a really good experience, getting to act in a professional play. This was my first time acting outside of The New School.” For many years, TNSM has offered an after-school Shakespeare Club. The club is led by TNSM teacher, Laura Slanker, and the school’s director, Jeff Groh. Students have performed Rome and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar …

New School Montessori students composed, recorded and performed their own music.

TNSM music teacher, Josh Fink, led an after-school-songwriting club. Josh has co-written songs for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, and numerous bands. He enjoyed introducing the art of songwriting to these committed 2nd and 3rd graders, helping them create a compilation CD showcasing their work. Click to see and hear their songs.   We are so pleased to have Josh Fink on our staff as our elementary music teacher. He received his bachelor of music and master of music degrees from Northwestern University. He is a composer, teacher, and multi-instrumentalist. As a classical musician, Josh has performed with Bernard …

1st graders studied the Great Barrier Reef

New School Montessori 1st graders studied the unique and fragile ecosystem of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It is the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms and is home to thousands of species. Students learned about vertebrates and invertebrates living in the reef and created artwork using oil pastels and watercolors.

Students shared their school with grandparents and friends

Last night, grandparents, relatives and special friends of New School Montessori students came to TNSM. Students enjoyed taking their guests through a typical day, showing their work, touring the campus, and visiting with classroom teachers.

Students write “how to” papers to take you step by step through a process

In language arts, 4th graders learned to write a “how to” paper without actually using the words “how to.” In their lesson, the class discussed various transition words to explain each step of the process, and how to dress up their writing with descriptive adjectives and -ly adverbs. Students’ writing is on display in the Annex where you can learn how to hold a chicken, how to throw a football, or even how to make a cat dress. Click to read Anna’s paper on how to dress a cat. Click to read Will’s paper on how to launch a model rocket. …

Understanding Pi

6th graders investigated the relationship between the diameter and circumference of a circle. They first measured the diameter of a round object, and then estimated how many diameters there are in the circumference. The answer was 3 1/7 diameters which just happens to be pi!

TNSM Slide Show from the 1970s

Enjoy slides that Sally Busemeyer-Flood shared of The New School in the ’70s. You’ll see pictures of the kitchen, “hole house,” the “outdoor pyramid,” and of students working. Also pictured are: Carol French-Corbett, Sally Busemeyer-Flood, Stephen Richey and Hilda Rothschild. Hilda escaped Nazi Germany and studied with Maria Montessori in Paris. She created the Masters Program in Montessori Education at Xavier University and was instrumental in the formation of The New School Montessori’s program.

How many chameleons can you see?

Elementary art students created their own “Where’s Waldo” game by using carefully designed color and pattern choices to make their paper chameleons blend into wallpapered backgrounds. How many chameleons can you see?