Enjoy these samples of kindergartners’ inspired and inspiring work

Just as musicians are inspired by each others’ work, borrowing phrases and musical innovations that move them, artists also learn from each others’ techniques and interpretations of nature, light and lines. New School Montessori kindergartners held an art show this spring showcasing their own work that was inspired by Kandinsky, Monet, Picasso, Kahlo, van Gogh, Basquiat, and even the cave paintings of Lascaux.

The kindergartners’ teacher, Ryonen Ignatius, guided them in their process which included learning about the life and work of each artist. They visited the Cincinnati Art Museum where they studied brush strokes, the treatment of light and artists’ use of color. They put themselves in different settings, like painting while lying on their backs as Frida Kahlo did after her accident. They also mimicked cave painters by limiting their pigment choices and by creating their own cave drawings in a dimly lit basement room. In some cases, students created art together as a group project on canvas.

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