TNSM music teacher Josh Fink’s work was premiered

We congratulate New School Montessori music teacher, Josh Fink, on the world premier of his Concerto for Quartet, Strings, and Percussion. The piece was commissioned by Austin Soundwaves, featured DaXun Zhang, and was performed at The University of Texas at Austin.

5th graders created their own fables and bound their collection into a keepsake

Each year, New School Montessori 5th graders create a collaborative book of fables. The project begins with students reading well-known stories within the genre to discover the structure and elements that need to be present in their original stories. They are required to develop three fables, including creating their own illustrations to accompany each story. Students then choose a favorite among their three projects to be bound together with other classmates’ favorite works.   Decisions about the type of paper to be used, the binding stitch pattern, fabric for the cover and the title of the collection are all made …

6th graders learned how plastics are made at LyondellBasell Technology Center

New School 6th grade students were invited by Ndiba Dioh (parent of 6-9 students) to visit LyondellBasell Technology Center in Blue Ash. They learned how plastics are made from the elements carbon and hydrogen, visited different labs, and walked though the plant to see how plastic bags and containers are produced.

Plant diagrams

New School Montessori students in 1st-3rd grade created flower diagrams from their botany study of plant parts.  

Students visit Krohn Conservatory and Eden Park

A number of New School Montessori students in 4th-6th grade visited the Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show. While some of their classmates were performing “Hamlet” for a neighboring school, these students enjoyed seeing the butterflies and visiting the other sections of the conservatory. Following the tour, students had a picnic lunch at Eden Park’s overlook.  

Author visits (9-12) students and fields questions

Author Bill Schroeder came to visit the (9-12), where he shared his book, Smallmouth Sonny of Bass Island Bar with students. Bill’s book is about a fish that gets lost on the Little Miami River and all the animal friends he meets on his journey home. Students asked the author questions about writing a book, the editing process, and getting published. Bill was amazed at the amount of background knowledge our students had about nature, conservation, and writing.

Information about Camp Ernst

Dear Elementary Parents: We do a great deal of work in educating our children about community and leadership at The New School Montessori.  Your continued support in engaging your children in activities that will enhance his/her understanding of community building, leadership, and teaming will certainly further our efforts.  The Annual New School Elementary Camping Trip will take place May 24-25, 2017.  This trip offers a wonderful opportunity for children, grades 1-6, to participate in a fun, safe, and community building experience with their peers. Learning all of the details and identifying yourselves as chaperones will assuredly help each child reap the …

Beyond the Dance – Katherine Dunham Technique

New School Montessori dance teacher, Jeanne Speier, is an award-winning student of Katherine Dunham. Jeanne will be teaching an introduction to this empowering and beautiful dance technique. The focus of this series goes beyond the dane, encompassing Dunham’s philosophy, world vision and synthesis of Afro-Haitian dance. Registration deadline: Thursday, June 1 This is a series of 4 classes Tuesday evenings June 6-27, 2017 6:15-7:30 p.m. at The Contemporary Dance Theater in College Hill, 1805 Larch Avenue. (Info below is from the Contemporary Dance Center’s website) DUNHAM MODERN TECHNIQUE SUMMER WORKSHOP: AFRO-CARIBBEAN BASED MODERN  – Learn the Afro-Caribbean based Modern dance technique created …

The gift of organ donation made real to TNSM 6th graders

New School Montessori 6th graders donned latex gloves and forceps in their classroom as they practiced suturing deep cuts in cadaver pigs’ feet. TNSM parent and physician’s assistant, Jen Garrett, works with UC’s liver transplant program and began her lesson by leading a presentation on organ donation and the importance of it in savings lives. Students had an opportunity to meet and ask questions of a liver transplant recipient who shared his experience. After the lecture, they palpated chicken hearts and livers and then sat with surgery residents learning and practicing how to close a wound.