Our Food Philosophy

We believe that the education of the whole child is carried through to nutrition.  To that end, we empower our children with the understanding of how food fuels our bodies and teach them to make healthy choices for themselves.  We provide a hot, nutritious, varied and sugar-free meal every day.  We recognize the connections between plate, planet, people and culture and know that the love and thought put into the preparation of our food is experienced by students and staff.

February Menu

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Here at The New School Montessori, we like to think of ourselves as “vegetarian friendly.”

Our hot lunches feature many different choices of vegetarian side dishes and include a main course vegetarian option and a fish or poultry option as well.

Because we believe in the importance of introducing children to a variety of fresh foods, we spend more money on fresh produce than all other grocery items and doubled our produce budget between 2010 and 2012 .  If a recipe calls for sweetener, we use natural sugars including honey, maple syrup, and agave nectar.

Some of Chef Audrey’s Recipes to Try:
2-Corn Bread

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 TNSM entered the 11th Annual Gold Star Chili Cook-off at Findlay Market.
  • Copies of Audrey’s chili recipe are available below.

We invite you to come taste the best school lunch in Cincinnati that’s at the forefront of the food revolution.  And don’t just take our word for it, Cincinnati Magazine featured our school lunch in their “Tray Chic” article.

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Chili Cook-off Recipe

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