Understanding the learning and work behind the musical portion of the performances this month

New School Montessori parent and music teacher, Melissa Robinson, collaborated with TNSM dance teacher, Jeanne Speier, this year with multi-aged groupings of (6-9) and (9-12) students in a project-based curriculum that helped students develop skills while also working toward a performance for our community.  (6-9) music Students started the term by exploring the following musical elements: melody, rhythm, and form. They demonstrated an understanding of pitch (high and low) using Orff instruments and boomwhackers. Rhythmic sequences from the musical songs were played on rhythm sticks. Call and response form and AB form were introduced. These concepts were built upon as students …

Teacher Jeanne Speier tells about the (9-12) dance portion of their recent presentation

New School Montessori dance teacher, Jeanne Speier, has been teaching TNSM students for over a decade.  Jeanne’s expertise as a dance teacher includes training with Katherine Dunham, being certified as a Dunham teacher, years of dance study in Bali, and teaching African and Haitian dance. We are grateful to have Jeanne on our staff.    Jeanne’s work with 4th-6th grade students this semester began with a focus on creative movement. Students explored different levels, rhythms, speeds and a basic swing series. They later changed their focus toward learning the graceful arm, head and sway-of-hip movements that are typical of Hawaiian dance. …

Our (6-9) students helped 13,000 people during their service field trip to Matthew 25 Ministries

6-9 students volunteered during a community service field trip to Matthew 25 Ministries in Blue Ash. They brought with them personal care items they had gathered as part of their Valentine’s Day celebration and added it to what the community has provided. Students prepared personal care kits for disaster relief for Matthew 25 people worldwide, including recent flood victims in the Cincinnati area. Matthew 25 estimates that for every hour one person volunteers, he/she assist 130 people! That means our students helped nearly 13,000 people during their visit.

Third graders responded to the sirens’ call of an unabridged dictionary

In the third graders’ study of Antarctica, they came upon the word katabatic and used teacher Jean Eschenbach’s gigantic unabridged dictionary to look it up. The dictionary continued to draw various students’ interest throughout the morning. katabatic |ˌkatəˈbatik| Relating to wind currents that blow down a gradient, especially down the slopes of a mountain or glacier. When air comes in contact with the cool surface of a glacier or the upper regions of a mountain or slope, the air cools, becomes dense, and blows downward. Katabatic winds are usually cool and are especially common at night in polar regions. Compare …

Truffula trees made by students who care a lot

To celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday, the West Room’s preprimary class read Seuss’s story “The Lorax” which reminds us to notice and care for our environment.   Students made colorful, fluffy truffula trees in response to the story and to adorn their classroom. As Seuss prompted in his book, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Student work to be shown at Kennedy Heights Arts Center in March

New School Montessori art teacher, Robin Kusten Hartmann, challenged her elementary students to use the artist’s brush in a different way – as a canvas for creative work. Some students chose to combine words, colorful paint and items glued to the brush to express themselves while others saw creatures or characters hiding between the bristles and teased them into view with their artful eye. The students’ artwork will be shown at Kennedy Heights Arts Center during the month of March. The opening reception for the show will be Saturday, March 3, 2018 from 6p.m. to 8p.m.

Students brought in donations for Matthew 25 Ministries for Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, students in (6-9) shared valentine cards with each other, brought in donations of toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo and soap for their field trip to Matthew 25 Ministries, and enjoyed crafts and snacks. Their party fell on  the lunar new year, so their crafts included fire-breathing dragons and Chinese lanterns. We couldn’t have done it without the generous donations of snacks and time from parents!

Mixed media artwork depicting ancient animals from the Montessori work called The Timeline of Life

Students studied Maria Montessori’s lesson, The Timeline of Life, and created their own ancient animal art using watercolors, construction paper and glitter. This work helped the children understand events that shape the evolutionary process and the extinction of species. Students came to recognize nature’s interconnectivity. First-level students painted jellyfish and trilobites. Second level students used watercolors to depict various dinosaurs. Third-level students created ammonites from construction paper with their nautilus-like curled shells.

Recess in the winter is important and fun!

Students of all ages enjoy The New School Montessori woods each day. Regardless of the season – winter, spring, summer or fall – each brings its own opportunities for physical activity, playtime with friends, exploration and learning.