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Academic ExcellenceAcademic ExcellenceOur academics are individualized, not standardized. Over a nine-year cycle, we apply Maria Montessori’s principles to all aspects of our curriculum, ensuring a holistic program that supports our students in becoming confident, adaptable and independent thinkers.

Supporting a Child’s Development

Our preprimary teachers design work which builds hand-eye coordination, concentration, manual dexterity and self-reliance. These skills help to prepare children for academic subjects like reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and the sciences as they grow at The New School Montessori.

Over their nine years, new and more advanced approaches to all curricular areas are explored. We use methods that introduce both concrete and abstract concepts at levels that are developmentally appropriate to the individual student. Children are supported to develop an ever-more sophisticated understanding of themselves through this work.

An Example of the Nine-Year Cycle with Binomial & Trinomial Cubes

Pre-Primary, the 3 to 6-Year-Old Absorbent Mind

To the young child, the binomial cube is a basic puzzle of matching colors. But as the child builds it, he is forming a predisposition to enjoy and understand later mathematics. The cube provides a tangible experience of dividing and sub-dividing which lays the foundation for the future study of the algebraic expression: (a + b)3 = (a + b)(a + b)(a + b) = a3+3a2b+3ab2+b3

Elementary, the 6 to 12-Year-Old

Building onto what was learned in 3-6, the more advanced study of mathematics in the elementary begins to further the child’s understanding of algebra by exploring the trinomial cube. The child develops concentration, order, coordination, and confidence as she appreciates the beauty of form in three dimensions. The sixth grader can apply the algebraic concepts involved in the trinomial theorem:

(a + b + c)3 = (a + b + c)(a + b + c)(a + b + c) = a3+3a2b+3ab2+6abc+3a2c+3ac2+b3+3b2c+3bc2+c3

Montessori HeartWe understand that your child’s success is best assured if respect, consistency, collaboration and a healthy diet are part of daily school-life. Our “Montessori Heart” is represented by the dedication we show by extending the child’s experience beyond the specific Montessori methodology. Advocating such ideas for more than 40 years, we’ve attracted a passionate staff and a strong and healthy parent/student community, making The New School Montessori a rare and wonderful place!
We support, teach and incorporate peace education into everything we do.


Montessori Heart

Faculty and Staff

Each of the New School Montessori’s highly credentialed, professional staff averages over a decade of teaching experience here. Our faculty and staff have been commended for “creativity, expertise, devotion and collegial work.”  Our teachers experience the most beneficial professional development opportunities available through participation in Montessori school organizations, on boards and accreditation teams.

Our Food Philosophy

We believe that the education of the whole child includes serving a healthy and nutritious 45-minute lunch. We empower our children with the understanding of how food fuels their bodies and teach them to make healthy choices for themselves. To do so, our chef provides a hot, nutritious, varied and sugar-free meal every day. We recognize the connections between plate, planet, people and culture and know that the love and thought put into the preparation of our food are experienced by students, staff and parents alike.

We support, teach, and incorporate peace education into everything we do.

The goal of our arts and cultural programs is to help the children see and understand their connection to one another and the larger world community. We have successfully integrated our belief in hands-on and experiential learning into our enrichment programs, ensuring that all children are able to fully explore our arts curricula through play, work, observation and cooperation.

Our teachers take great care in planning for these activities to pique the children’s interest and to sow the seeds of imagination. Opportunities for discovery in our enrichment programs are an integral part of our holistic approach to education.


School Day Experiences

  • Cultural Geography
  • Practical Life and Sensorial Activities
  • Appreciating Differences
  • Visual Art
  • Music
  • World Language
  • Dance, Movement and Yoga
  • Physical Education
  • 45-Minute Recess
  • Freedom and Limits

Real Life Experiences

  • Civics and Service Learning
  • Field Trips
  • Overnight Class Trips

Extracurricular Experiences

  • Montessori Extended Day
  • After-school Programs (Art, Movement, Acting, Music, Photography, and others)
  • School Break Care and Summer Programs
Thank you for your interest in The New School Montessori. We’re excited to share with you what it means when we say this is the place where “academic excellence meets Montessori heart.” Our dynamic community, holistic Montessori curriculum, credentialed staff and delicious chef-prepared lunches are just the beginning of what makes The New School Montessori unique.

Individualized, not Standardized

Teacher : Student ratio
3 to 6 year-old ……..…..…….. 1:9
6 to 9 year-old …….…….……. 1:11
9 to 12 year-old ………………. 1:13

Our admissions procedure generally includes: a parent observation, application submission with a $25 nonrefundable fee, and a classroom visit for your child.

We encourage you to explore our website and visit our campus. Come see our new Enrichment Center, meet the staff, observe a classroom, and get to know us. To schedule a visit or just ask questions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to meeting you.

Life After The New School

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100% of our 2007 graduates went to college

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