Colleen Blumer

Teacher/Coordinator, 6-9 Learning Specialist

Colleen Blumer, Teacher/ Coordinator, 6-9 Learning Specialist

Colleen Blumer is proud and happy to regard TNSM as her family’s favorite neighborhood since 1981. A founder and former head teacher of the Annex 9 to 12 program, Colleen’s current contributions include Preprimary Teacher and Extended-Day Coordinator, 3 to 12 substitute teacher, and Intervention Specialist. She also leads a summer-long program in the Rockies for a Montessori school and organic farm.

Extensive, ongoing studies follow Colleen’s undergraduate degree in English and psychology (OSU) and master’s degree in communication media (XU). As well as certification in Montessori education 3 to 6, 6 to 9, and 9 to 12, Colleen holds multi-state educator licenses in English, library/media, education of the handicapped, administration, and elementary education. During her teaching career so far, she has enjoyed teaching most subjects to learners from preschoolers to adults, in a rich variety of settings.

Colleen’s current pursuits include issues of poverty and peace, fiber arts, and the “Donate Life” organization. For fun, it’s mysteries, movies, literary classics, waterskiing, and beachcombing.