Laura Slanker

Head Teacher

Laura Slanker, Head Teacher

Many of our TNSM teachers have traveled not only throughout the U.S., but throughout the world, bringing their rich cultural experience and broader perspective into the classroom. In recent years, Laura Slanker has visited Japan, studying the culture and the educational system with other educators on a Fulbright Memorial Grant. She also spent three weeks in Seoul, South Korea teaching the Montessori biology curriculum to Korean teachers.

In addition to her Education credentials, Laura has a BS in Nutrition from the University of Cincinnati. Her early career path centered around retail management including managing a Banana Republic store in Washington, D.C. Laura joined The New School Montessori in 1993 after assisting in 1991 and interning in 1992-1993 as part of her Montessori education master’s degree program at Xavier. Laura became Head Teacher of the (9-12) classroom in 1997.

Laura and her husband, Craig, live in Northside. In her spare time, she enjoys studying film, art and dance.