Alexa Abner

Alexa Abner, Farming Teacher

Alexa Abner, Farming Teacher

Alexa comes to us through Skool Aid, an organization offering quality after-school programming for children in the Greater Cincinnati area. Alexa is a first generation farmer who believes some of the best learning and creating is done when surrounded by nature. Her programs turn the outdoors into a classroom where everyone participates as a student and a teacher. She believes gardens are a place of empowerment and children who experience the world in it’s truest form are destined to become conscious keepers of the earth and each other. Biodynamic gardening practices, concepts of permaculture, and practical skills of a self-sustaining lifestyle are taught in her gardening and sustainability programs. Alexa spends her days growing fruits and vegetables in plots of land sprinkled throughout the Ohio River Valley and exploring with her son Xavier.