Obtuse, acute, divergent, convergent – All lines and angles are welcome!

The blacktop just off the front porch of the Mansion served as a perfect surface for 1st and 2nd graders to learn their lessons this week as (6-9) teacher Lauren Burke demonstrated a lesson in early geometry in the great outdoors.

1st level students learned about lines (parallel, divergent, convergent and perpendicular), while 2nd level students learned about the different kinds of angles that live within triangles (right, obtuse and acute angles).

The entryway to the school is decorated with all manner of lines and angles as each student practiced drawing and labeling their lines and angles with colorful chalk. These lessons are built on earlier knowledge students learned in (3-6) and will be expanded further as they learn more complicated concepts in geometry, determining angle measurements inside a triangle and learning theorems.



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