Did you know about the Annex’ history?

The New School Montessori has 3 buildings on our campus that house various programs: the Mitchell Mansion, the Annex and the Ginkgo House.

The Annex has a multifaceted history in the life of TNSM. It was originally a church that the students of St. Thomas Aquinas School attended, and maintained a small congregation after The New School began in 1970. Eventually the building was purchased and renovated with the help of our dedicated parents and staff, to accommodate our growing community. It was the learning space for the 9-12 program, but moonlighted as the space where events like Senior Projects were presented, and Auctions were held. In recent years it has been a space for extracurricular programs, indoor Ex Day, and additional 6-9 classrooms.

We look forward to the continuing transformation of this space into the Kaleidoscope Center! Click to learn more about the building plans and the scope for the Kaleidoscope Project.


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