Did our bees pass their pre-winter checkup?

Carrie Driehaus, TNSM parent and co-founder of Queen City Pollinator Project, has completed her fall inspection of our hives to be sure the bees are well situated to survive the upcoming cold winter months.

With our 2 beehives at The New School Montessori, we are supporting 60,000 bees who have been busy pollinating fruit trees, flowers and plants throughout our Cincinnati community. We are so proud to be able to help the environment in this way.

We look forward to Carrie’s next visit when she will give presentations to our students, teaching us more about these amazing and vital creatures.

Here is Carrie’s report:

Hello! The bees are doing a bee-utiful job of getting ready for the winter! They have lots of honey stored up – and pollen too (for protein).

The photo shows 2 frames filled with honey that are different colors. The orangey colored honey on the left is from nectar collected during the summer months, while the honey on the right is darker and has a more robust flavor due to the type of nectar collected during the fall months from plants like asters and goldenrod. What a difference!

Thank you for another fantastic year for the bees!

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