Jeff’s end-of-year message

Director Jeff Groh gives a summer message, reflecting on the 2016-17 school year and looking forward to the next.

Activating Strengths

“I know that creative outlets are important for me to feel balanced in my life. As an administrator, my days can turn into long “to-do” lists with no time for reflection or a mental space to think differently. Knowing that “creativity” is one of my top five strengths, I schedule time in my week to read, write, go see a play, or just dream in a way that feels unrestrained by the day-to-day tasks and timelines of my life.” – Jeff Groh, Director, The New School Montessori   The New School Montessori has worked this year with the Mayerson Academy …

Pauses, Promises and Miles to Go

This time of year we often find ourselves in moments of reflection.  Lists of the year’s momentous events are published through news outlets, new calendars are purchased, and even in our own personal lives we reflect on our accomplishments and challenges over the past 12 months.  This year at The New School Montessori, some of our families brought new lives into the world, while others lost someone close to them.  Each year provides us with a multitude of reasons to be grateful, as well as moments to grieve. Wherever you are on this journey, we wish you joy and peace …

Enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday!

Dear Friends, The New School Montessori wishes you a Thanksgiving break filled with joy and good food!  We are sincerely grateful for the families and amazing children at our school.  We consider ourselves lucky to be a part of such a caring, bright, and diverse community.  Over the next few days, take a moment to breathe, reflect, and experience the warmth of gratitude. “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously.  And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.”  -Ralph …

Welcome back to TNSM!

We are looking forward to another year with our New School families. Please click below to see a video message from Director Jeff Groh, or you can click here to read his message.  

Jeff’s end-of-the-year message

TNSM Director Jeff Groh thanks families for a wonderful school year together. He recaps some highlights and looks forward to the fall as we begin another year.


Dear Principal: A Father Writes a Letter to Himself Without Knowing It

Cincinnati Montessori Society – Online Newsletter, Issue 23, Winter 2016 A Father Writes a Letter to Himself Without Knowing It By: Jeff Groh Photo taken by: Tracy Casagrande Clancy In 2013, I became a father. I had been a Montessori teacher for 13 years and started imagining the type of education I wanted for my newborn son. As an exercise, I wrote a letter to the fictitious principal that would one day be in charge of my son’s elementary school years. I rediscovered the letter recently while rearranging my office at home. It was perfect timing, because my son will start …

City Beat published an article about True Theatre and TNSM Director Jeff Groh

It’s human nature to enjoy both hearing and telling a good story. TNSM’s director, Jeff Groh, and his friend Dave Levy started a Cincinnati tradition of storytelling called, “True Theatre.” To learn more about it and to see the article in its entirety, click here. (Photo above was taken by Mikki Schaffner)

Winter thoughts from Jeff Groh

Dear Friends, I hope everyone is having an enjoyable winter break. This time of year can often bring up many mixed emotions: stresses or pleasures that come from visits with extended family, remembering those we have lost, or the anticipation and hope that a new year brings. Whatever your circumstance, we wish you joy and peace. We are 4 months into the school year, and the staff at The New School Montessori is filled with gratitude toward the families and children we get to serve. One of life’s greatest joys comes from putting one’s talents and gifts toward a cause or …

This is the Place!

Forty-five years ago, a group of parents were searching for a place to create a school that encouraged alternative views and challenged students to consider, explore, and think deeply about themselves and the world around them. They found the Mitchell Mansion and knew, “This is the Place.” From that time in 1970, parents and staff have worked together to protect and nourish those same values in the lives of children. Through long hours, generous donations and volunteerism, our founding community, and generations since, have promised to keep the doors open for families looking for a school that understands education is …