Preprimary students enjoyed School House Symphony’s visit to TNSM

School House Symphony came to TNSM to share information about their instruments and to play music for preprimary students. The children heard signature pieces showcasing each instrument. For the clarinet – the cat melody from Peter and the Wolf was played. To help students hear what the French horn sounded like, the children listened to Todd (the French horn player) play a version of a “A Whole New World” from the movie, Aladdin.  

Finding alignment, balance and mindfulness through yoga

Amy Ramberg is a New School Montessori parent and after-school club teacher. This year Amy is leading 4 different weekly yoga classes to preprimary and elementary students. Yoga has been part of New School life for many years, but it has been part of American life for over 120 years. During that time, Americans have added their own flare to some of the more traditional poses. To add asymmetrical balance challenges to downward dog, the one-legged downward-facing dog was invented. See this photo with Amy and her students giving it a go.

Students shared some of the many things they were thankful for

TNSM parent Eric Brouwer shared some of his photos from our recent Thanksgiving celebration. Students from1st – 6th grade gave creative presentations and displayed artwork around the room showing some of the many things they were thankful for.

New School Montessori kindergartners get in touch with their cave dweller roots

Kindergartners got in touch with their historic ancestors as they created cave paintings on the walls of TNSM’s cellar art room. The children were inspired by the cave paintings of Lascaux, using similar subject matter and even mixing their own pigments using a limited color palette. It’s fun to walk through their display in the dim glow of an iphone, pretending to be the first to discover these masterpieces.

Jace becomes TNSM’s director for a day on Dec 15

Ready yourselves for a leadership change as Jeff Groh passes his director’s cap to TNSM 3rd grader Jace. The two met this week to discuss some of Jace’s directorship goals for the last day of school before winter break. They will be in touch as plans firm up so students will know what to expect. As Jace left the office he declared to Jeff, “That was a great first meet!”

Colleen Blumer gave preprimary students a lesson on fruits and seeds

Preprimary students learned about fruits and seeds. First they took a nature walk through our campus, gathering pinecones, leaves and puffy seeds that floated on the wind. They brought their finds into the classroom where teacher, Colleen Blumer, gave a botany lesson about fruits and seeds. With the lesson over, some nibbled on fruit samples, many created interesting 3-D shapes with cranberries and toothpicks, some made crafts with their found objects and others chased seed clouds that they blew across the room.

Students used data from seismograph centers to locate the epicenter of an earthquake

As part of their study of earthquakes, sixth-grade students learned how to locate the epicenter of an earthquake by triangulation.  They used the difference between the P and S waves to calculate distance, and then used that information to draw the circumference around 3 different cities. They located the epicenter by seeing where all three circumferences intersected.  When an earthquake strikes, various seismograph centers around the country record the earthquake’s waves. Scientists use this data to learn how far away an earthquake is, but in order to find the direction, they must compare readings from three different seismograph stations.  

(6-9) teachers offered a community bowling party

For many years, teachers of students in (6-9) have offered a community bowling party on a Saturday for their students. The bowling party is just one of over 20 community parties created for students, families and adults for our school’s annual auction.  Students and teachers alike had a great time bowling in the crazy blue light.

Kindergartners are inspired by Picasso and The Story of Ferdinand the Bull

Kindergartners read The Story of Ferdinand the Bull by Munro Leaf and studied Picasso and his fascination with bulls. They looked at pictures of Picasso’s bulls made with bicycle parts and other bull paintings by the famous Spaniard. The kindergartners made their Picasso- and Ferdinand the Bull-inspired sculptures and painted them by mixing 4 tempera colors into their own unique palette of pigments. They also made tissue paper flowers because Ferdinand was always so fond of flowers.

Students donated to a Montessori school in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

New School Montessori students and families brought in candy after Halloween to share with those in the US military. A local dentist offers to ship the sweets abroad to those serving our country each year and also gives candy donors cash per pound of candy donated.   Teacher Nancy Buchman and her dentist were both overwhelmed by the amount of candy donated by our families; they didn’t have a scale large enough to weigh the treats, so they did some estimating. We earned $65 that our students contributed to The Virgin Islands Montessori School in St. Thomas USVI. Like TNSM, …