Standing proud!

This fall, students in (6-9) began the year talking about having a growth-mindset approach to the way they will build their character and self esteem throughout the year. Students created an image of themselves using construction paper, string, buttons and markers. They talked about persevering through difficulties and then having that amazing feeling of knowing they can do hard things! Students started journals where they can take note of things they’ve accomplished and can record situations where they are pleased with the way they’ve handled themselves. These proud-construction-paper images are placed in the stairway, and the students see them each …

Preprimary students practiced the process of bathing their baby doll

Care of the baby brought out the best in the children. They used such care as they bathed, clothed and comforted the baby. The children were all very excited to do this work and to follow the numerous steps in the process, including  getting Baby undressed and putting her towel there next to the tub so it’s handy after the bath. Students drew the water in the tub, added the soap (and of course the rubber ducky), and then they made sure baby’s head was supported and out of the water through the final rinse. By the end of the …

Preprimary students are deeply into map-making

Cartographers! That’s what New School Montessori preprimary students could be called with their recent interest in maps. Students have learned about the continents, countries and how lands and bodies of water are represented on globes and maps. Here you can see pictures of students tracing continents, painting maps, playing with map puzzles and even creating a continent wheel.    

Students get familiar with the Periodic Table of Elements and Bohr’s Model

New School Montessori 4th, 5th and 6th graders are studying the elements in their physical science class. Teacher Casey Rodriguez is pictured here Murray, showcasing their cool science t-shirts of the Periodic Table of Elements.   Biso and Sami demonstrated Bohr’s Model, placing protons (green), neutrons (blue) and electrons (yellow) for several elements. Biso’s favorite element is oxygen with its 8/8/8 of each colored marble. Biso pointed out that the elements moscovium and flerovium would require a lot more marbles with each having about 115 protons and electrons and about 175 neutrons. Now THATS a lot of marbles!    

Farming and food preparation requires patience

New School Montessori chef, Audrey Cobb, and Food and Sustainability teacher, Beth Canarie work together each week with students of all ages to create lessons where student have firsthand experience with what is required to get food from the earth to the table. Students have planted seeds, have harvested the produce and now are preparing and eating the literal fruits of their labors. Being part of this cyclical process is an exercise in patience and appreciation for all of the food our planet provides.

Food, music, dance from around the world at Harvest Moon

Alumni families, current families, staff and friends gathered with picnic blankets and potluck favorites from many traditions. Musicians and dancers entertained us. Children created murals with chalk, popped walls of soap bubbles, had their faces painted and played in the elementary woods. We all enjoyed Imani, the solo Indian dancer, Asi Es Columbian Dance Group, and the music performed by Jazz Renaissance. Many thanks to all who played a part in the evening.

Students in (9-12) enjoyed their time at Camp Ernst

Students received encouragement and cheers of support from teachers, classmates and parent chaperones as they made their way through one challenge after another. Each year, our elementary-age students have the opportunity to experience a high adventure YMCA camp called Camp Ernst with its jumbo water slides, kayaks, rope bridges, climbing walls, zip lines, rope swings and horseback riding. It’s a wonderful time for students, parent chaperones and staff to challenge themselves a bit and to get to know one another better on this 2-day and 1-night adventure. This year we have decided to have 4th, 5th and 6th graders attend …

Bubble-making at its finest!

Making bubbles is a great exercise for the classroom. As students follow the directions for the work, they are learning to refine order, concentration, independence and coordination. Wringing out the sponge strengthens fingers and is great practice for refining fine motor control. These practical life works involve many-step processes of measuring the amount of soap to add, using the whisk to stir air into the mix, wringing out the sponge, wiping down an area on the floor and the work even includes steps to clean up the work so it’s ready for the next friend!

2013 Alumni share future plans

Congratulations to 2013 New School Montessori Alumnae: Shelby Ewing and Maia Kiniyalocts for being honored as CPS valedictorians and to Ben Halsted, Marcus Goodman and Shelby Ewing for being named as National Merit Scholars.   Aiden Clancy Aiden graduated from Clark Montessori High School where he was active in the school’s steel drum band and soccer team (junior varsity and varsity soccer) from 7th through 12th grade. He worked as a Lunken Flight Training Center employee for 3 years and has been involved in flight school for 2 years. Aiden’s interests outside of flying include rock climbing, mountain biking and …

Food and sustainability report, Johnny Appleseed Day and more

Food and Sustainability teacher, Beth Canarie, is delighted to have weeded garden beds and new mulch. She sends a huge thank you to all the parents and children who came out for our fall cleanup day. Students have completed a late planting of parsley, kale, basil and dill for Chef Audrey to use in the delicious home-cooked lunches she prepares for us each day. As a school, we are composting to create nutrient-rich soil for our garden and all levels are learning about the science behind gardening. Preprimary students read a book with Beth about roots and seeds and had …