Senior Projects 2020 – Zoom Presentations

Senior projects are a challenging assignment during normal circumstances. Writing a 15 to 20-page paper, researching it and  making a condensed Powerpoint presentation all take practice, trips to the library and guidance from teachers. The students’ study of their subjects  has been made more difficult during these times of shelter-at-home restrictions. These graduating 6th graders can be extra proud of themselves as they each delivered informative and well rehearsed presentations. Topics researched were: Stephen Hawking, Wild Cats, Helen Keller, Quantum Physic, Greece and Ellen DeGeneres. Sit back and enjoy watching their presentations in the recording below.  

2020 6th graders plan their senior gift

Each year, our graduating sixth graders and their families contribute to a project that celebrates their time here at The New School Montessori. When they return as alumni, they enjoy seeing their senior gifts in use and appreciated by the community. This year’s graduating 6th graders wanted to center their gift around the two bee hives that the school has set up on campus for teaching purposes and as a hands-on way for us to support beleaguered pollinators. The students have named our 2 hives “Washington Bee C” and “Honey 2020” and will be making decorative hexagonal cement tiles to …

” Adventures in the Amazon ” Kindergarten Play 2020

Each year, The New School Montessori’s kindergarten class writes a play together, creating sets, working out the choreography and making up the music. This year, however, their process was interrupted by school closings. But, with the power of video communication, the kindergartners and their producers, Ryonen Ignatius and Robby Lewis, were able to bring the project to life in this animated production of their work, Adventures in the Amazon.

A heartfelt thank you message from a student to his teachers.

Learning how to craft his message in sign language, after watching Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s press conferences, New School Montessori kindergartner sent a video of thanks to his teachers. The staff at TNSM thanks him for his thoughtful gift of appreciation.  

How to create a painting using pointillism, a technique used by artist Georges Seurat

New School Montessori preprimary art teacher, Ryonen Ignatius, introduced her students to pointillism by reading a story about painter George Seurat.  Georges Seurat was a painter who lived in France in the the late 1800s, painting in a style called pointillism. He used lots of small dots painted closely together. Up close, the dots look more separate – like an abstract painting, but the farther you step away from the painting, the more your eyes magically blend the dots to create a scene with dimension, shadow and shape.  Seurat’s painting called A Sunday on La Grande Jatte is 7 …

Vote for KOMODO 2020 – Student answers questions about Komodo dragons in a press conference

New School Montessori 4th grader, Henry,  enlisted his family in helping him complete his homework assignment which was to “write down some questions for an adult to ask you about an animal of your choosing.” Henry decided that being peppered with questions from a bunch of adults felt very similar to a press conference, and so his family joined in the fun of creating a mock press conference about the upcoming election for King of the Reptiles between candidates: Komodo Dragon and his opponent Bearded Dragon. As you watch the videotaped press conference, you will see Henry set the record …

Learning to tell time on a paper clock

Learning to tell time on a clock face can be a challenge. New School Montessori preprimary teacher Sarah Strietmann made it easier by focusing only on how to tell time at the top of each hour. She explained how to make a paper-plate clock with moving hands and then took students through the practice of naming and finding each hour on their own paper clock. Teacher Holly Lottman followed up the lesson by showing how an old-time clock works. She used a special key to wind the clock, moved the hands to set the proper time and treated us to the cozy …

Portraits in the style of Israeli artist Hanoch Piven

The challenge for this week’s elementary art class was to create a portrait in the style of Israeli artist Hanoch Piven. New School Montessori teacher Robin Hartmann gave students ideas of household items they could use in her video instruction to her students.  Piven invites viewers to notice what items he uses when designing his portraits. Those items not only create the correct shape, but they also speak to something about the life or character of that person. For instance, in this video about Piven, you will see examples of Barack Obama with Statues of Liberty icons as eyebrows, where …

Chef Combo led preprimary students in creating edible bunnies from pear halves

Preprimary students are visited each week by their favorite puppet, Chef Combo, who teaches them  how to create interesting treats. In celebration of spring, Chef Combo and Debbie Weinstein demonstrated how to make edible bunnies from pear-half bodies, raisins eyes, dried cranberry noses, whole-almond ears and white puffy yogurt or cottage cheese tails. If your bunny wants to lie on a crunchy green bed made of lettuce or spinach leaves, that’s a great option too.