Chef Combo introduces spidery treats

Chef Combo is a friendly puppet who visits The New School Montessori’s non-nappers on Monday afternoons and sounds suspiciously like teacher Debbie Weinstein.   Chef Combo and the students begin their time together singing a song. Then Chef Combo tells his friends about a new food he wants to share with them while he demonstrates how to make it. The children get to practice their skills of participating in a group, get to create food for themselves and they also get to taste something new in the process. It looks like this time students made a peanut butter, raisin, toasted …

The magnetized needle pointed north

In physical science class, students learned that a needle can be magnetized and then used to make a compass.  After rubbing a needle and a magnet together, Jonny floated the needle in a bowl of water to see if it would face north and south. If you look closely at the picture you can see that north and south on the compass perfectly align with the magnetized needle. Great work, Jonny!

So grateful for The New School Montessori community

Thank you to our Annual Giving mailing volunteers who helped stuff and seal letters for alumni and friends. We had 25 people sign up to help us. We couldn’t have done it without you! Yes, even you, Harrison Ford (the dog).

Non-nappers built a neighborhood together that had something for everyone!

Mr. Rogers is famous for his neighborhood and the non-nappers have built another wonderfully inclusive and inviting neighborhood of their own. After studying about their own identity, and what makes each of us unique, the students talked about different kinds of families, homes and what makes a community. The children then worked together to build schools, a “Rescue-People Hospital,” different types of homes, “rainbow people,” a playground “where grandmas can play on the swings,” and enough “lollipops for all the world to lick.” Won’t you be our neighbor?  

Cuh – Ah – Tuh. CAT

Something happened two days ago.  I’ve read about how it happens.  I have told concerned parents that it happens, and not to worry.  I have seen it happen in other children.  I know the steps to make it happen.  Nevertheless, it was still a moment of magic and emotion when it happened to me. My daughter, Lena (3), and I were watching a late night soccer practice for my son Jakob(5).  It was past 7:00 pm and due to a kitchen remodel at our house that makes cooking feel more like competing in an obstacle course, we decided to eat …

Harvest Moon 2018

What a great turn out we had for Harvest Moon this year! Alumni, current families, friends and staff gathered to enjoy the lovely evening and amazing food.A big thank you to all who pitched in to help with the event and who brought such delicious food to share. Also thanks to TNSM alumni student David and his friend for entertaining us with juggling and to Kristen Kreft and her singing partner Beth Harris of The Perfect Children for providing the music. And of course a thank you to Narvis, a TNSM first grader, on the tambourine! See the video below …

Students take time to enjoy the outdoors

New School Montessori students have been enjoying these beautiful fall days during their daily 1-hour recess time. They hang out in trees, build huts out of limbs and branches saved over the years for that purpose, play basketball, four-square, soccer and visit while walking laps around the parking lot.  

Students get to know each other better

In 4th grade language arts, the students picked out three special items that would fit in a small lunch bag to help us all get to know each other better. They wrote a letter explaining the importance of each item. Items included photos of family and pets, favorite rocks and shells, Legos, miniature drumsticks, and even a hug. Everyone enjoyed learning a bit about each other.

Homophones, homographs and homonyms

TNSM 4th grader Milo was eager to work on an extension that is offered to students who are caught up on their work. Milo chose to lay out and record Long I Homophone work. Homophones are words that sound alike, but are spelled differently and have different meanings like new and knew. After homophone work comes homonyms (same word but different meanings like the words bank and bank) and homographs (same word but pronounced differently like bow and bow).   We can’t wait for you to “present” your work to your teachers as a little  “present” to yourself for all …