Preprimary students were concentrating on sewing

Kindergartners worked on sewing a running stitch. Their concentration was incredible and their work, beautiful! The children, who normally like to chat while they work, were nearly silent for 30 minutes. Once they got the hang of sewing, they were able to add a little chatter back in to their sewing circle!  

Peace Like a River for International Day of Peace

New School Montessori 1st-3rd graders created a peace sign with their bodies and shared a peace-filled message in their song. Please join them in celebrating the International Day of Peace on Saturday, Sept 21. May we all work for peace in our daily lives with others.      

The Me Museum – Rotating exhibits

Museum goers will be thrilled to know that The New School Montessori’s Me Museum had its first visiting collection brought in by TNSM’s director, Jeff Groh. Each week, New School non-nappers learn about each other through the items and stories they bring to share during their Me Museum time. This week was Jeff’s week, and the children were very attentive to what he shared. The non-nappers particularly loved hearing about Jeff’s unique wedding ceremony in Africa where he and his wife wore traditional native wedding cloths. They also liked seeing Jeff’s baby tooth that was kept since he was seven …

Caring for pets in the classroom

Maria Montessori learned a lot about children by observing them. She noticed that children gain satisfaction from caring for living things. This is why classrooms at The New School Montessori have been home to many types of creatures over the years, including fish, turtles, rabbits, hamsters and of course numerous caterpillars to butterflies.   Having an animal in the classroom allows children the necessary time needed to observe the animal’s habits, to grow in curiosity, to ask questions, to look for clues, make hypotheses and find answers. Pets in the room also provide opportunities for learning gentle touch and care …

When it rains, it pours…

Let the pouring begin! Pouring is a practical life lesson that helps students develop order, coordination, concentration and independence! This skill will also be used during snack and lunch to pour milk and water.  

Pink tower power!

The pink tower is an iconic Montessori work and introduces preprimary children to one of their early sensorial experiences with the concept of base 10. The work includes 10 pink boxes ranging from 1 centimeter cubed to 10 centimeters cubed. As students complete this work with their teacher or with other classmates, they practice visual discrimination, vocabulary, refinement of motor skills and prep for mathematics.

Back with friends!

Students are so glad to be back, making new friends and reconnecting with old friends!  

Kindergarten Self Portraits: First in a series

New School Montessori kindergartners created self portraits this week. These self-made images will be made periodically throughout the year for the students to explore different ways to capture their essence of self.  

The First Great Lesson: Coming of the Universe

Teachers in our (6-9) program presented the first of five Great Lessons in the elementary Montessori curriculum. This first lesson is called Coming of the Universe and piques the students’ curiosity and encourages their further exploration of astronomy, meteorology, chemistry, physics, geology and geography. The teachers each played a part in the demonstration. Throughout the lesson, one of the teachers gave a dramatic narration of how the universe was formed from the empty vastness of space. The exercise began with the lighting of a candle to represent the sun. Then a balloon filled with glitter popped, scattering matter all about. …

TNSM staff tell about their summer 2019

Many thanks to TNSM Alumni parent and photographer, Helen Adams, for taking a group staff photo, capturing an image of us the week before school started. Ann Baumgardner What began as a weekend pilgrimage to Kansas for an outdoor symphony concert set against the majestic backdrop of a tall grass prairie became – due to violent storms – a trip to the Evel Knievel museum. All was not lost, as we each took a 3-D virtual spin on Evel’s show bike.  Later in the summer, I picked Mom up from NE Ohio for a visit with us in Cincinnati and in …