4th and 5th grader students took an overnight field trip to Marengo Caves and other area sights

Last week, New School Montessori 4th and 5th graders took an overnight field trip to Indiana to explore Gaulbert Cox Park, the stalagmites and stalactites of Marengo Caves, Spring Mill’s Gus Grissom Memorial Museum, Pioneer Village, nature hikes and grist mill. They also took a tour of the Louisville Slugger Factory and practiced pitching and hitting at a mini batting and throwing range.

Students designed a community-based project that honored the Earth

Third graders Eleanor and Jemea wanted to plan a community-based project for the (6-9) students. They spent several weeks researching projects, creating a detailed supply list, composing a letter to parents and organizing materials. Their goal was to find art projects that the children could do as a team and that honored the Earth. They ended up selecting a handprint tree, reclaimed trash murals, and rock painting. This past Friday, they led their classmates in creating these beautiful projects. Their teacher Kristen Rammel commented, “It was wonderful to see all the children engaged in such a thoughtful student-led experience!”  

Cincinnati Zoo brought animal visitors that moved and grooved

Animals move in fantastic ways! An educator from the Cincinnati Zoo brought several animals to assist in his discussion of how animals move in their environments. He introduced the kindergartners to a box turtle named Leonardo and a king snake named Elvis.  Each animal is well adapted to his own environment and has different ways of moving and grooving that help him to survive. Elvis is a good snake to have around because he’ll eat any other snake – even the poisonous ones! Leonardo grooves to a different beat than the king snake, but with his protective shell he has …

Annex students tour the neighborhood

While the Shakespeare club prepared for their Project 38 performance, the other Annex students took a walk with their teachers around the neighborhood. Along the way, they stopped and looked at the blooming trees and flowers. While admiring a garden, the owner came out and gave them a private tour. They all enjoyed the much-needed sunshine and warmth.

Students learn to study and predict the weather

For New School Montessori 4th, 5th and 6th graders’ study of weather, they are learning how different weather instruments help meteorologist study and predict the weather. Each morning, students record the readings of our instruments along with the day’s weather to see if they are accurate.

Working through the life cycle of a butterfly

Kalkin created the life cycle of the butterfly using metal insets for the shapes. He used a circle for the egg, smaller circles for the caterpillar, oval for the chrysalis, and quatrefoil for the butterfly. He also numbered the order and drew arrows to show the cycle. Students in the West Room are observing caterpillars in their classroom.  They will watch as they turn to butterflies and will release them outside.

Sophie takes pride in her work

Sophie, a New School Montessori kindergartner, learned a lot about physics, determination and pride in her work as she juiced an orange.  In just 3 minutes and 17 seconds, you can observe (in the video below) as Sophie discovers on her own that: It is easier to apply pressure when standing directly over the orange rather than sitting. Twisting works better than just pressure alone. You get more juice if you reposition the orange half every so often. Placing one hand on top of the other allows for more concentrated compression on the orange. All-in-all, Sophie taught herself a lot …

New School Montessori’s Shakespeare Club Performs

The New School Montessori’s after-school Shakespeare Club, led by director Jeff Groh and (9-12) teacher Laura Slanker, has been working hard all year to bring to our community and to our city their presentation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The students performed for our TNSM community last night and this morning. They will entertain students from other schools later this month and will be the first performance for Project 38 at noon on April 12 at Memorial Hall. We are so proud of the students’ commitment to their vision and for the tremendous amount of work they have given toward this …

Liam uses the Montessori Hundred Board

Liam is proud to have finished the Montessori Hundred Board. This work not only helps children learn to count to 100, but also helps with number recognition, number sequencing, and finding patterns.