From roots to shoots, kindergartners have sprouted grassy hair!

  New School Montessori kindergartners have been studying germination in their botany lessons with Colleen. A number of weeks ago, students planted seeds in clear plastic cups. Colleen took their pictures and placed each child’s photo strategically on the cup’s edge so it looks like students are in need of a  “haircut.” With each passing day, their grassy “hair” grows longer and longer. Colleen asked the kids to imagine clover and grass growing on their heads as she took their pictures. It’s fun to see their creative poses.  

An order of waffles, comin’ up!

It’s so hard to wait that eternal minute when the timer finally signals that your waffle is ready. New School preprimary students always prepare their own snacks in the classroom. They may choose to spread apple butter on bread, cut fresh fruit, juice an orange – and now they’ve added waffle making! Each student has received a lesson on waffle making, but a teacher stays close by to make sure everyone remembers the correct and safe process and to use an oven mitt. Students are proud of their work and don’t mind gobbling their projects into oblivion.

Students learned about the need for leap year and performed calculations to create a beautiful pattern showing Leap Years between 1904 and 2092.

New School Montessori students in 1st-3rd grade celebrated leap year by learning why we add an extra day to February’s calendar every 4 years. It’s to allow our calendar to more closely match up to our solar year. In general, if a calendar year is divisible by 4, then it’s a leap year. (However, even though we add a leap day every 4 years, there is an 11-minute difference that builds up over 300-400 years, and we eventually are off by enough that another correction has to be made). Students followed the assigned instructions, starting in the year 1904 and …

Catching Up with Alumni Tommy Borders

Tommy Borders (2006) enjoyed a 9-year experience at The New School Montessori and graduated in 2006 to attend Walnut Hills High School. From there, he received a biology degree from DePaul University. Tommy now works in Chicago for the Department of Medicine at Northwestern University in the nephrology division. He studies liver development, liver failure, pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in animal models where he looks at protein expression, 3-D imaging and RNA expression. Tommy volunteers in patient care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital and is studying to take the MCAT exam to become a medical doctor. Since Tommy’s early days at …

Students learn about reptiles using a variety of activities

New School Montessori preprimary students and kindergartners are learning about reptiles. To better understand those reptiles who shed their skin, teachers have prepared a molting work for the shelf. Students paint some glue on their hand, wait for it to dry, feel the skin tighten underneath and then peel it off. As you might imagine, the children love this work and strive to pull off the biggest pieces they can. Also on the shelf are works that include cutting paper snakes from brightly colored wrapping paper, drawing and labeling the parts of a turtle and scrubbing turtles. During the turtle …

Students focus on kindness and caring

For Valentine’s week, New School Montessori students in 1st-3rd grade focused their attention on kindness. Inspiring quotes were placed around the room like Henry James’, “Three things in life are important: The first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind.” And a quote from The Dalai Lama, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” A large mural of craft paper was placed on the wall for children to use throughout the week for writing ways they could show kindness to others. Students braided friendship bracelets for others, practiced empathy, …

Students created plans for their dream home

New School Montessori students in 1st-3rd grade have channeled their study of arrays, perimeter and area into a fun project where their goal was to create their own plans for a dream home. Before beginning, the class discussed situations in the real world where they might need to purchase carpet or linoleum to exactly cover the square footage of the floor of a bedroom or kitchen. Students chose to work in groups or individually on this project. Each floor plan was required to include bedrooms for family members, kitchen, family room and at least one bathroom in their 1,400 square …

Kindergartner multiplies 9,999 x 9 and the answer takes up much of the classroom

One of our New School Montessori kindergartners has been practicing multiplication with 4-digit numbers and grew curious to know what 9,999 times 9 would be. His teachers had to make some new colored stamps of their own to allow him to build a number that large, but it worked and was fun for the whole class. It turns out that you too can multiply 9,999 by 9 if you have enough floor space and numbered stamp tiles!

Kindergartners have begun researching characters for the play they’re writing

New School Montessori kindergartners produce a play each spring for our community. These playwrights have begun their process by laying out the basic story and are getting to know their characters so they can write the script, develop costumes, sets, choreography and music to add to the production. After finalizing the setting for the play, each kindergartner chose a character and then researched that character to aid in adding richness to the story. They will perform their production for us on Friday, May 1.  

Where in the world are we?

New School Montessori 1st-3rd grade students are answering that age-old question of where they are in the world by using a material called My Cosmic Address. This lesson takes students on a guided mission that begins in the darkness of space, leads them to a spiral cluster of stars called the Milky Way Galaxy, points out a particular star called the sun, introduces them to the planets orbiting that sun, welcomes them to our good old Earth, shows them North American, our United States, our state of Ohio, the city of Cincinnati, Burton Woods Lane, our New School Montessori, our …