Periodic Table Pumpkins

New School Montessori students in (9-12) decorated pumpkins with elements from the periodic table. They then placed all of the “periodic pumpkins” on the blacktop to recreate the periodic table outside.

Muffin embellishment – the new way to practice writing skills

Preprimary students trace sandpaper letters, spell words with the moveable alphabet and write with pencils, markers and crayons.   In Extended-Day, however, students enjoyed a new medium. They piped whipped cream initials on top of Chef Audrey’s freshly-baked banana muffins. We are grateful for teacher Colleen’s quick photo because Galt’s “G” did not last long.

Carrie Driehaus shared important learnings about the plight of bees and what we can do to help

Local farmer and New School Montessori parent, Carrie Driehaus, has been sharing what she’s learned about bees with our students at all levels. Preprimary students learned about how honey is made, the life cycle of a bee and the work of bees both in and outside of the hive. Students tasted honey, held a waxy honeycomb and observed bees at work inside Carrie’s traveling Plexiglas-covered hive. The elementary students focused on challenges facing bees and other pollinators in our modern world and what they can do to help. The effects of pesticides and unseasonal weather are interfering with important navigational …

Fun, fun, fun!

Preprimary teacher Colleen Blumer likes to present her students with hands-on opportunities in nature.  In the case of carving this pumpkin, it was not only a hands-on experience, but also a hands-in experience!  These kindergartners enjoyed surgically removing the innards of the pumpkin and extracting each and every slippery seed.  The end goal was not only creating a Halloween jack-o’-lantern, but to rinse and soak the seeds for crisping up later in the oven.  Fun, fun fun!  

A day on the Merrill Fuller farm

New School Montessori 4th and 5th grade students had a wonderful day of exploring Merrill Fuller’s farm in Liberty Township. (Merrill is the grandfather of one of our students.) The adventure began with a tractor ride around the 5-acre farm where Merrill pointed out various fields, vegetable gardens and showed students where various types of corn are being experimentally cross pollinated. Students harvested some corn to take home and quickly learned the difference between sweet corn, popcorn and field corn as the dried kernels were way too tough to eat. Fresh corn was popped and devoured by the students with …

Kindergartners took a trip to the Taft Theater to see Casper the Friendly Musical

New School Montessori kindergartners were excited to attend the Children’s Theater Production of Casper the Friendly Musical at Taft Theater.  The field trip started with an early picnic lunch in the classroom, included a bus ride, and then a charming play that was set in a very old mansion.  As a school housed in Cincinnati’s historic Mitchell Mansion, we couldn’t resist the idea of a treasure hunt in a mansion. Students saw firsthand how creators married story, song, dance, visual arts and drama to enhance the storytelling. The kindergartners will employ these same elements when they create their own musical …

Fuzzy, the wooly worm

The New School Montessori has a preprimary woods chock- full of interesting plants, birds, and insects. Children explore, lifting rocks and looking under leaves. They find animals of all sorts to learn more about. This wooly worm (moth caterpillar) found among the leaves of a plant was given the name Fuzzy and after careful study was returned to munch on his favorite snack.

Standing proud!

This fall, students in (6-9) began the year talking about having a growth-mindset approach to the way they will build their character and self esteem throughout the year. Students created an image of themselves using construction paper, string, buttons and markers. They talked about persevering through difficulties and then having that amazing feeling of knowing they can do hard things! Students started journals where they can take note of things they’ve accomplished and can record situations where they are pleased with the way they’ve handled themselves. These proud-construction-paper images are placed in the stairway, and the students see them each …

Preprimary students practiced the process of bathing their baby doll

Care of the baby brought out the best in the children. They used such care as they bathed, clothed and comforted the baby. The children were all very excited to do this work and to follow the numerous steps in the process, including  getting Baby undressed and putting her towel there next to the tub so it’s handy after the bath. Students drew the water in the tub, added the soap (and of course the rubber ducky), and then they made sure baby’s head was supported and out of the water through the final rinse. By the end of the …

Preprimary students are deeply into map-making

Cartographers! That’s what New School Montessori preprimary students could be called with their recent interest in maps. Students have learned about the continents, countries and how lands and bodies of water are represented on globes and maps. Here you can see pictures of students tracing continents, painting maps, playing with map puzzles and even creating a continent wheel.