Thanh Nha recommends a book series she’s reading

Third grader Thanh Nha loves a book that is interesting and gets her attention. She recommends the Warrior series by Erin Hunter saying, “It’s a really good story about cats – and I love cats!” Thanh Nha says she admires the house cat Rusty and how he learns to make friends and finds that he can also be strong. One of the lessons Thanh Nha learned from the book is not to judge people.

6th graders explore Washington, D.C.

Fostering independence and self reliance is an important tenet of a Montessori education. Throughout the 9-year experience at TNSM, children are given many opportunities to explore and practice these life skills. Each year, New School Montessori 6th graders visit Washington D.C., its monuments, museums and sights as they travel by plane and public transportation with teachers and chaperones. Students try new foods, learn to budget their meal and souvenir allowance and enjoy the thrill of our nation’s capital. In preparation for their trip, students presented research projects on the historic sites they’d visit, studied the transportation system and got familiar …

4th and 5th graders explored plate tectonics

Students had a choice of assembling the blue map that was cut into the major tectonic plates, or they could cut apart their own map and glue it onto a sheet. In their lesson last Wednesday, they all learned to dance the “Continental Drift Shuffle.” I imagine some plates collided during that dance and subduction zones were created. Hopefully there were relatively few earthquakes among the dancers.

5th graders use Montessori integer bead bars

5th graders learned that the number line goes both ways – right to the positive and left to the negative. Positive and negative whole numbers (along with zero) are called integers. Students are using the Montessori integer bead bars to add integers and determine if the answer is positive or negative.

Open House on Jan 21

We offer several open houses throughout the school year. We welcome you to attend one of our open houses, and we also encourage you to schedule a personal tour where you can observe classes in session, can join us for lunch and can meet our staff. January 21, 2018        Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. April 22, 2018             Sunday from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. For more information or to arrange a personal tour,please contact our Admissions Director, Ceara Comstock 
513-281-7999 We invite you and your child to experience a truly joyous …

Students planned a service project

New School Montessori students in 4th-6th grade elect a student board each term to plan service projects, to come up with new ideas and to propose change. Students who want to be on the board prepare and give a speech to their constituents. This fall’s board wanted to help in some way with disaster relief. Previously, our students have worked with Matthew 25 Ministries sorting clothing, so it was natural to think of them when planning their class’ used clothing drive. Pictured above, you can see student board members passing boxes of clothing to the Matthew 25 representative who will …

6th graders meet with recent alumni to ask questions

New School Montessori 6th graders explored what life after The New School is like over pizza with TNSM alumni who graduate in May of 2017. It was interesting to hear from the graduates and to learn how smooth their transitions have been to the 7th grade programs at Walnut Hills, Wyoming, Seven Hills and more.

Students use “choice time” to work on projects of their own choosing

Students in (6-9) level earn choice time after their assignments are complete. They can select a project from each subject area, or can propose other ways to show what they’ve been learning. Henry is a second grader who enjoys learning about the solar system. He used his choice time during his workday to create this artistic poster of the solar system to share with the rest of the class!    

Fifth graders studying geology

Students are studying geology for the first half of the year in physical science. Fifth graders Anna and Abbia are laying out a work that shows that the Earth slowly cooled, formed a crust, and then volcanos let the earth release gasses and steam.

Students clear honeysuckle from their pollinator forest garden

The New School Montessori’s farming teacher Alexa Abner (through Skool Aid​) led the elementary children in a week of removing invasive bush honeysuckle from their pollinator forest garden. The newly cleared area of the forest has plenty of useful trees and plants which no longer compete for sunlight and other resources. They may add a few new fruit trees in the eradicated areas. TNSM farmers each found their niche, whether it was removing the growth, breaking larger branches down to create more surface area for the composting process, or adding the broken-down material into their first “terrace.” The terrace is …