Students made their own applesauce

Preprimary students in the West Room enjoyed a mini Thanksgiving, making applesauce together on a camping stove. Each student chopped one or two apples to add to the pot. (Some of the kindergarten friends decided to peel their apples before chopping.) The mixture was seasoned with honey and cinnamon. Students gathered in a circle with their handwoven placemats as they sampled their warm applesauce.  

Classrooms chose different ways to express their gratitude and to explore various Thanksgiving topics.

New School Montessori elementary students gave their Thanksgiving presentations this morning, teaching us about the history of succotash and how the Native Americans shared their food and planting practices with Pilgrims. We learned how different countries celebrate their harvest season and discovered what our students are thankful for. Some expressed gratitude in song, while others recited a poem with students popping up within the crowd (standing on chairs) as they delivered their lines. The whole program was very impactful and ended with Chef Audrey and her assistant, Jonathan, offering slices of homemade pumpkin pie to the audience.   We are …

Zay takes pride in doing his part to keep his classroom clean

The 9-12 students in the Ginkgo House all work together to keep their classroom clean. Early in the year, students filled out a job application if they wanted a specific job. Students help spray and wipe tables, water plants, clean boards, make sure all laptops were plugged in, etc. Zay filled out his application to be the Ginkgo House’s official window cleaner because he said he likes things to be squeaky clean. Zay takes his job seriously, and his classmates and teachers have loved looking out their clean windows all day.

Students experience the attractive force of static electricity

Static cling can be a powerful force. Students in physical science learned just what static electricity can do. Ajani, one of our inquisitive scientists, used wool and a balloon to create a static electricity charge. He demonstrated that the extra electrons in the balloon were attracted to the neutrally charged stream of water. By placing the balloon nearer and nearer to the water, Ajani was able to get the water to actually bend toward the balloon. Using a plastic pen and wool. Thanh-Nhã became a snake charmer, using static electricity to get the white-coiled-tissue-paper snake to rise up – almost like …

Strings students gave a recital in College Hill

This past weekend, New School Montessori strings teacher, Melissa Robinson, had a recital at Red Rose Gems Pizzeria in College Hill. It was an open mic-type event with students taking the stage one at a time, while the audience enjoyed a delicious meal. Melissa reported that everyone had a lot of fun and that the kids did a really great job! Here are a few photos from the event.

Students planted seeds, looking ahead to what butterflies will need this spring

New School Montessori parent Carrie Driehaus came earlier this fall to show her butterflies and to talk with students about her backyard garden and the choices she has made in selecting plantings that are both beautiful and vital to the various stages of a butterfly’s lifecycle. The kids loved learning about monarchs and helped Carrie prepare and plant their preprimary garden this fall to give these plants a head start. These varieties of seeds can grow strong roots, remain dormant during the winter and be ready to go as soon as temperatures warm up! Students weeded and used care to plant …

Non-nappers made clay pots and chocalho and pandeiro instruments

New School Montessori teacher Nadja Nether shared her Brazilian heritage by taking her students on a “trip” to Brazil where they learned how Brazilians have used items from nature to create instruments and clay pots. Students learned how clay is taken from the ground, worked into coils and wound into different-shaped pots. Dried seeds in gourds can be used as shakers to make music, but over the years percussion players have gotten a louder sound using other materials. One of the traditional Brazilian instruments the children made was a chocalho (meaning rattle in Portuguese) the other was a pandeiro (tambourine).  …

Estimating the weight of objects in grams

Jean and Sophia introduced their 3rd grade students to the thrill of estimating and measuring weight in grams and kilograms using a variety of scales. Don’t be surprised if your student comes home wanting to pull out the bathroom scales to estimate the weight of every trinket in the house.