Students making choices to help the environment

New School students take responsibility for keeping their classrooms tidy. They put away their work, clean up their own spills and wipe down surfaces weekly. This year, Annex students are reducing their impact on the Earth by using cloth towels instead of paper towels  to clean their classroom. Although we have been recycling paper and plastic for years throughout the building, we’ve never recycled those heavily waxed 8 oz milk cartons. This year the question was asked, “Can our milk cartons be recycled?” Rumpke was contacted, and we found out that indeed, these lunch-sized milk cartons are on the approved list. …

“Wake” A children’s book written and illustrated by a TNSM alumni family 

Shawn Dougherty (longtime teacher at TNSM) and her daughter (TNSM alumna) Leah Busch Rockel (’96) worked together to create a children’s book that wakens the reader’s sensory experience of the outdoors through both words and imagery. It is not surprising to learn that this creative mother-daughter duo dreamed up such a beautiful book. In fact, the inspiration behind Wake originally came from one of Shawn’s dreams. In addition to teaching at The New School for decades, Shawn has also taught the Young Women Writing for (a) Change, where she helped young women find their voice and express themselves through poetry and …

6th grade gift given by 2017 graduates

TNSM 6th graders who graduated in 2017 gave a colorful gift to the school. They commissioned Spanish teacher and Rookwood Pottery artist, Ximena Flores,  to create a glass mosaic of TNSM’s colorful school logo. This fall, the mosaic was completed and placed on the wall in the new preprimary space’s West Room. We are so grateful to the graduating families for their gift to the school and of course we value the craftsmanship and care that artist, teacher and friend, Ximena Flores put into the piece.

TNSM community supports Houston

We thank the TNSM community for the outpouring of donations on such short notice. Our community brought in diapers, water, clothes, money, etc, to help support those in need in Houston. Thank you, Brad Mainland, for transporting these items as you go to help the restoration efforts in Texas. Be careful and our thoughts are with you.

Our beautiful new classroom

This summer we added a new preprimay (3-6) classroom due to an ever-growing waiting list to enroll. As Cincinnati’s only Montessori school accredited by the American Montessori Society, TNSM is in high demand! Our new preprimary space (West Room) is a true testament to the spirit of community at The New School Montessori. The gorgeous tables and shelves were designed and constructed by Robby Lewis (3-6 assistant teacher in the West Room). The spectacular glass mosaic was created by our Spanish and Ex-day teacher, Ximena Flores, and the curtains in our new Nap Room were made by Debbie Weistein (3-6 assistant …

TNSM 6th grader, Clo, came in 1st place in the Taekwondo USAT Nationals in Detroit

Clo has been taking taekwondo lesson since she was a kindergartner. At first, she wanted to take karate, which typically focuses more on hand movements, but she signed up for taekwondo, which includes a lot of foot work as well.  An early sparring experience where Clo took a hard hit to her face, left her a bit scared. She said, “I wasn’t good at sparring. I was afraid of it.”  But with her master’s encouragement and Clo’s determination, she started taking lessons with an Olympic sparring coach from Dayton and soon tackled her fears. Clo was surprised to have won …

Sharing time on the deck

West Room students and teachers made the most of the beautiful Cincinnati weather and moved their sharing time outside!   By taking turns, listening and sharing about the items that were brought in, the students were able to learn about their classmates and make connections with each other.   During the discussion, students learned that many of them had the same book at home, Dragons Love Tacos. Items brought in for sharing time included books, pictures, bits of nature, student-made artwork, and more! The class can’t wait until the next share day and are enjoying the opportunity to use the …

4th and 5th graders get familiar with their community surroundings

While the 6th graders took their trip to the library to begin thinking about and planning for their senior project, the 4th and 5th took their annual walk around our North Avondale neighborhood. The students and teachers enjoyed an opportunity to cool off with a quick dash through a neighbor’s sprinkler.

Eclipse watching at elementary orientation

Elementary orientation today included more than learning lunchroom and classroom procedures. Students also learned about the eclipse and wore protective glasses to safely observe it.

Strings Orientation Presentation

Meeting for prospective beginning strings students and parents will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Tues., Sept. 5 in the Growing Room. Students in grades 2-6 are eligible. Melissa Robinson, TNSM’s music teacher and orchestra leader will discuss the strings program and answer any questions the parents may have. Students may choose violin, viola, cello, or bass. We are thrilled to have Melissa Robinson, former NKU director of strings, leading our orchestra program. Paul Bartel from the Baroque Violin Shop will be present to handle  instrument rental. Parents will have the opportunity to rent instrument and students will be able to take instrument home …