Science in Motion

The 2nd and 3rd grade children were so excited to learn about the 3rd law of motion, that they asked if they could take it outdoors to continue working with the materials at recess. Click below to see the 3rd law of motion “in motion” or click this link. Click below to learn about saturating solutions or click this link. [fbphotos id=515347188551157]

It’s Not Magic. It’s Physics!

Kira Hinkle’s second and third grade class have been exploring Newton’s laws of motion and have been testing saturation points of liquids. Kira writes about her presentation of Newton’s first law of motion in a classic science demonstration that was printed in Cincinnati Montessori Society’s Fall 2013 Newsletter. Balance a raw egg on top of a toilet paper tube. Set the tube on a pie pan. Place the pan above a glass of water. Knock the pie pan and tube out of the way. With the support of the pie pan and the toilet paper tube removed, the egg drops into …

Purposeful Work or Child’s Play?

I love the beauty and value that is innate to all Montessori materials.  Whether it from a shelf provided for language, one for math, one to peak the senses or for practical life, it is a work designed with great knowledge about child development and a purpose in mind.  To the child it is play, to their potential it is a gift.   Take the trinomial cube for example, it is a work of beauty and purpose.  Beauty?  Look at it.  Purpose?  Think about it.  She is using great care to keep her space and material organized, she is working independently, …

Online Magazine Ordering Process

Congratulations everyone. We sold $12,111 worth of magazines and gift wrap this year! The school receives 50% of every sale and with so many of you participating, it doesn’t take long to add up. So far this year we’ve raised $6,055.50. If you didn’t get a chance to buy magazines and would like the chance to place an order perhaps as a holiday gift, you can still purchase a magazine until December 10, that will benefit the school.   The kids were excited to spin the wheel to see what additional prize they might win after their sale. Go to …

Spanish Class Sings Days of the Week

Second and third graders at The New School Montessori put the days of the week in the proper order while singing a Spanish “days of the week” song with teacher Ximena Flores. Notice that Ximena and the children are using many different ways of learning, including song, sign language and physical arrangement of the days of the week. Click here to watch the video or press play below.

Where’s my van Gogh?

I’m sharing a way I enjoyed art with my daughter and her friends when they were little. Not many 4-year-olds own a van Gogh, but my daughter Emily did. She held it carefully in one of her hands and fanned herself with it from time to time while searching upstairs, downstairs and in every hallway of the Cincinnati Art Museum. Emily was looking for a painting that matched her van Gogh postcard from the gift shop. Sometimes she would invite one of her friends to come along with us on the adventure. When we arrived, the girls would choose their …

Inspired by the Work of Paul Klee

Kindergartners at The New School Montessori were inspired by the work of Paul Klee. They experimented with one color flowing into another and incorporated nature into their work. The kindergartners have a show coming up soon and are busy creating new works to share with our community. [fbphotos id=510233859062490]

Singing a Simple Little Song

Let the 3rd graders brighten your day as they sing a “Simple Little Song.” Teacher Andrea Rosenthal Warnken accompanies on the piano and notice the tricky cinematography as I circle the room catching the light, the smiles and all those other Oscar-winning moments. See if you can tell where I tripped and knocked a drink over. Click here to see the video or click play below.