Ceara Comstock

Admissions Director, Teacher

Ceara Comstock, Admissions Director, Teacher

Ceara Comstock has had a direct connection to The New School Montessori since her childhood. She was a Montessori student herself and her mother was a Preprimary teacher at TNSM. Ceara later volunteered in TNSM’s Preprimary Program and then worked in the Summer Program. She was also a Preprimary classroom assistant.

Ceara began teaching in the 9 to 12 Program in 1996 and has both an undergraduate degree from Xavier and a Montessori certification for ages 6 to 12 from the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York.

Ceara loves the team teaching and collaboration at The New School Montessori and finds it both inspiring and supportive. She likes the way students collaborate with teachers in creating their own education. In the last few years, Ceara has worked with 9 to 12 students in the formation of a Student Board, an experience which she feels is “a wonderfully empowering process for every student, even those not on the Board.”

Ceara feels that teaching children how to love learning in a Montessori environment “creates an enhanced appreciation for life.” Her son, Kelen, started at TNSM when he was three and has grown up with this extended family.

In addition to teaching, Ceara is looking forward to her additional part-time role as Admissions Director.