Honoring and celebrating women’s history and contributions

Article written by Claudia López, Diversity and Community Engagement  (D+CE) Committee Member (D+CE) and expresses her views. At TNSM, we are grateful to have this D+CE forum that allows opportunities for members of our community to share their own beliefs, always with the goal of  expanding our understanding of each other’s experiences and points of view.

The Diversity and Community Engagement Committee has been working together with TNSM staff to develop a cultural calendar to coordinate different curricular and extra-curricular activities for our TNSM students and community. We know March is the month when we especially honor and celebrate women’s history and contributions. 

Here are a few lists of resources, including books and, even lesson plans, from different organizations. We invite you to take a look. Perhaps you can find something interesting to do or a resource that would spark a great conversation with your child(ren).

Does your family observe a tradition or cultural holiday that you’d like to share with the TNSM community? Do you have a passion for or expertise in a certain area of DEI? The D&CE committee is always looking for books, resources, and classroom speakers to help deepen the cultural competency of our school community. Please contact us at [email protected]

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