Cosmic Education

Hello Friends,

I love the change of seasons and the way the children find new ways to interact with nature. Leaves are piled. Pumpkins are carved. Our fresh foods shift to fall produce. Our children play through all of it: adapting, switching from baseballs to snowballs, swapping magic sticks for magic icicles, bicycles for bobsleds. Seasons and children are a reminder that change is constant. Tiny transformations are always in motion.

As I watch the seasons change, I think of Maria Montessori’s ideas on what she called Cosmic Education. This philosophy and curriculum creates a path through which children develop a global vision. By developing gratitude for the universe and their own lives within it, the child then takes on an awareness of receiving many gifts from nature and from other human beings they will never know.

I look forward to celebrating the many gifts of nature and community this year at our various family, staff and alumni gatherings. See photos below from last weekend’s Harvest Moon Festival at the school.




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