Debbie Weinstein


Debbie Weinstein, Teacher

For over thirty years Debbie Weinstein has been working with preschoolers. In 1980 she joined The New School Montessori and leads our preprimary cultural geography and visual arts program. Debbie received a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters of Education in Montessori, age 3 to 6, from Xavier. She is certified to teach pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Prior to coming to TNSM, Debbie had experience in preschool administration. Debbie describes herself as an “art dilettante” and has specific expertise in visual arts. She brings her extensive knowledge of crafts, foods and other aspects of the cultures of the world to her weekly kindergarten cultural geography lessons. In 2004, she developed an art history curriculum for the 3 to 6 program. Debbie has been trained in the Handwriting without Tears method of teaching handwriting and is certified as a Level One Handwriting Specialist. She is available to do handwriting assessments and handwriting tutoring on an appointment basis. Through a yearly seminar in Preschool Art for a Montessori teacher-training program, Debbie shares her ideas and experiences with other professionals. Outside of TNSM, Debbie enjoys family-centered activities with her husband, Sandy, and sons Michael (TNSM grad ’94) and Josh (TNSM grad ’98.)