Emily Broderick

Teacher (North)

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Emily Broderick, Teacher (North)

Emily Broderick is a Cincinnati native and is proud to call this wonderful city “home.” She received her bachelor’s degree in Montessori education from Xavier University in 2013 after following a long line of Xavier grads in her family. Emily has experienced several different Montessori settings in the Cincinnati area and is beyond excited to begin her new journey at The New School, teaching preprimary students!

Emily’s eyes were opened to Montessori when she was just 15 years old and observed in her aunt’s Montessori classroom. She knew at that moment, that this was the career for her. The freedom to “follow the child” and instill a love for learning at such a young age are some of the reasons why Emily is passionate about Montessori.

Emily lives in Hyde Park and can often be found walking the trails at Ault Park, shopping at the local farmers’ market, or spending time with her large family.