Picture Day (3-6) students and their TNSM siblings

September 29, 2020 all-day

Helen Adams (an alumni parent and professional photographer) will be taking school photos for The New School Montessori again this year.

There is no fee involved if you do not wish to purchase any photos. Your child’s photo will be taken and included in the annual yearbook, but it’s up to you to decide what (if any) poses you’d like to buy.

Helen Adams’ Goal:

“Say goodbye to the awkward school portrait. My mission is to bring authenticity and fun to  school photography. I want to let kids be kids. Let them be sweet, funny or silly. Let them giggle and wiggle. These portraits won’t be stuffed in a drawer for the next 20 years. They will be displayed where they will bring a smile to the heart every time they are seen.”

Clothing should enhance the portrait and not distract from it. Try to avoid patterns, prints or stripes that are too bold. That being said, these portraits are meant to be fun so above all else, the clothing should be true to the subject’s personality and style.



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