The Next Step Meeting – Parent Participation

December 8, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Preprimary (K)
Morning Room (6-9)
Annex (4th)


This year, only parents of 4-year-olds and kindergartners are to come for this evening’s meeting.

  • Parents of children entering 4th grade were invited by (9-12) teachers to schedule a date to observe the (9-12) program in action and to ask questions – and will not attend a meeting tonight.
  • Parents of 4-year-olds entering kindergarten are to attend a meeting this evening in the preprimary spaces.
  • Parents of kindergartners entering 1st grade are to attend a meeting this evening in a (6-9) classroom.

Childcare will be provided for children of TNSM age.

Each year, parents of next year’s kindergartners, first and 4th graders are invited to learn about what comes next in their children’s education as they continue on in their journey through the 9-year cycle here at TNSM. Valuable information about curriculum and what is expected of students at each of these levels will be shared as well as seeing how parents’ involvement matters.


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