First Day of School / Orientation Info

(3-6) Orientation  – Monday and Tuesday, August 21, 22 (9:00-1:00)

  • This is only for (3-6) students who have not attended TNSM before. We provide 2 days of orientation for them to grow more familiar with the routines and rhythms of their new Montessori classrooms.
  • These students are required to attend both days.
  • Orientation begins at 9:00 and goes until 1:00.
  • Lunch is included.
  • Following their 2-day orientation, their next day with normal school hours is Wednesday, August 23 when school begins.

Elementary Student Orientation – Tuesday, August 22 (9:00-1:00)

  • This is only for elementary students new to TNSM and for those entering 1st and 4th grade.
  • Lunch is provided.

Parent Orientation Meetings 

  • (6-9) Parent Orientation – Thursday, August 17 (8:30-9:30)
  • (9-12) Parent Orientation – Friday, August 18, (8:30-9:30)
  • (3-6) Parent Orientation – Friday, August 18 (9:30-10:30)

An emailed message will be sent to all parents in July with links to the orientation packets for each level. In the packet you will see:

  • Classroom assignments
  • Teacher contact info
  • Supply List
  • Explanation of classroom routines
  • Door codes explained
  • Staff organizational chart
  • Medical paperwork to fill out

First Day of School for All Students is Wednesday, August 23


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