During Ex-Day, students made luxury accommodations for insects and squirrels

Students in (6-9) Extended-Day have been doing some serious planning for the insects and little creatures sharing space in our elementary woods. Not only do leaves left on the ground provide cover for butterflies and other insects to winter under, but some students have gone the extra mile to create a rock-enclosed bug sanctuary with choice bits of finely ground dirt to blanket the enclosure. These accommodations are the “Hotel Ritz” of the bug world. And that’s not all! The next day, these students decided to create a potential habitat for squirrels. The structure’s homey interior is very inviting, with its timber-lined vaulted ceiling and collection of osage orange fruits tucked away as a handy snack for visiting squirrels. How sensitive our students are as they look out for our slimy, furry and 1,000-legged friends.


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