A life measured in what we have done for others.

This fall’s Harvest Moon Festival was a true delight!  We hope everyone had a great time making new friends and celebrating this remarkable community. A big THANK YOU to Lydia, the Diversity Committee, and all of the volunteers who made it possible!

I want to recognize our (9-12) students this week.  I have been so impressed with their leadership, acts of kindness, and demonstrations of character.  On Sept. 15 and 16, our (9-12) community went to Camp Ernst to build community, exercise courage, and foster independence.  I was so impressed with their willingness to take risks, push themselves, and be there for each other during moments of vulnerability.

“A Life Measured by What We Have Done for Others”

Our (9-12) community has also been helping with pre primary laundry AND volunteering in the (6-9) classrooms to help mentor (6-9) students! Oh, AND the (6-9) students are paying it forward in (3-6) environments!  I’m telling you, with these children, the future is bright, my friends.

A grandparent recently shared a story with me from Harvest Moon about a group of (9-12) students waiting in line to get their faces painted. When it was finally their turn, they noticed a (3-6) student who had been waiting behind them in line and let the child go ahead of them.  These little moments of kindness, these gestures that require empathetic imagination scattered throughout our days are the building blocks to a life of character – a life measured by what we have done for others.


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