Students and staff express their gratitude

Hello Friends,

We are being inundated with information on how to be safe this holiday. It’s important, but by now, we all know what we need to do. Just in case, here is a link about how to approach travel, and how to safely gather if you decide to take on that risk. PLEASE be safe. Your decisions affect all of us.Thank you.  

In a video that I shot today and posted on our Facebook page, I was able to go around and ask children and staff what they were grateful for. It was a beautiful reminder that although many things have changed in our lives (masks, social distancing, on-line learning), the fundamental elements,  the most important aspects, have remained intact; love of family, an appreciation for a cherished pet, a gratitude for nature, food, health, and the experience of life itself — even when it’s challenging. A particularly precocious 5th grader shared that he was grateful for the pandemic, because it seems to have refocused people’s attention towards, “what really matters.”

I encourage everyone to focus on “what really matters” this holiday. For each of us that might mean something slightly different: a walk in the woods with our family, cooking together, writing gratitude cards for people we love.  

For me it will mean putting my phone into a drawer and dusting off the board games. I can’t wait!

With a tremendous amount of gratitude toward our community,

Jeff Groh


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