Making the activities of home life and school tasks work together for the education of the child

Hello Friends,

We hope everyone had an opportunity to meet teachers over the last couple of days as we work toward “…establishment of harmony, between the work and activities of home life and school tasks, making both work together for the education of the child.” (Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method).

As my wife, Raphaela, and I sat in on our 2nd and 4th grade conferences, we were delighted (although not surprised) to hear how well the teachers know our children. We have seen, over our 7 years, how the Montessori philosophy and expertise of the teachers have allowed our children to be themselves, build independence, and develop the skills they need to be compassionate, confident, and capable citizens. The conversations are not always easy. They shouldn’t be. There might be academic challenges or social/emotional blindspots. There might be suggestions on what can be done at home or how we can better support at school. But it is a partnership between adults who care deeply and work hard at bringing the very best out of children. Thank you for being such amazing partners.

A few reminders:

Next Step (Nov. 10 and 11)

For our families with children in Kindergarten and 3rd grade, we offer an opportunity to get an early peek into our next level programs. Third grade parents are invited to visit our (9-12) program in the Ginkgo House and hear from our (9-12) team of teachers about 4th grade on Thursday, Nov. 10 @ 1:45 p.m.

Our parents of kindergarten are invited to visit our (6-9) classrooms and meet the teachers to hear about the 1st grade experience on Friday, Nov. 11 @ 9:00 am.

The New School Montessori Survey

Earlier today you should have received a link to a survey, asking you a few questions about your experience at TNSM. This survey is a part of our 7-year accreditation cycle with the Independent Schools of Associated States and the American Montessori Society (ISACS). We remain the only dually accredited school in the city, and we are proud of the integrity and excellence The New School Montessori has been providing for families in the tri-state region. One way we are able to meet the needs of our families is through hearing from you about what we are doing right and in what ways we can grow. Please take the time (5-10 minutes) to share your thoughts by clicking on the survey button in A Look Ahead (our weekly newsletter).

Annual Giving

Thank you! We are now at 32% participation among our families! We are SO grateful for those of you who have given. 🙏 We hope, as we continue to push toward 100% participation, you will consider a gift toward our Annual Giving campaign.

Since our beginning in 1970, The New School Montessori has been a second home to many families. We delight in seeing the children grow in confidence, independence, thoughtfulness and ability. The relationships are strong, and the support from parents, alumni families, and staff have sustained this school since its early years.

Our tuition covers only part of what it costs to educate a student. Generous contributions to our Annual Giving make it possible for children to enjoy the unique opportunities we offer at The New School Montessori.

Your gift will enable us to maintain and build upon our unique culture and dynamic programming. Your support matters as we continue to grow in enrollment and meet the challenges of preparing children to walk with confidence, compassion and grit.


Jeff Groh

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