Learning to watch for and anticipate the subtle gifts of nature

Hello Friends,

It’s May!  I was standing on the porch during pick up at the end of the day yesterday and Nicholas, a (6-9) student said, “Do you know what’s about to happen soon?”  His eyes widened.

“No, tell me.”  His joyful expression piqued my interest.

“The honeysuckle is about to bloom.”

How easy, I thought, it is to stop watching and eagerly anticipating the subtle gifts of nature that come and go with seasons.  I was grateful for Nicholas’s reminder of all the things we have to look forword to as we ease out of spring into the full bloom of summer.

“I love sucking the honey out of them.” Nicholas went on.  “You slowly pull off the bottom green part that holds the petals together. There will be a long green string attached.  At the end of that, is where you find the honey.”

“You mean, nectar.”

“Jeff, they’re called honey suckle for a reason.”

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