Jean Eschenbach

Teacher (6-9)


Jean Eschenbach, Teacher (6-9)

Jean Eschenbach earned a bachelor of arts in English literature from the University of Cincinnati and served at the Cincinnati Public Library for several years before finding her vocation as a (6-9) Montessori teacher through Xavier University’s Montessori’s Master’s Program.

Jean was drawn to the Montessori Method by the simple, natural elegance of the classroom environment and the beautiful, intriguing materials. She found the Montessori curriculum to be so deep and rich with avenues for exploration and growth. Jean became a teacher because she shares Dr. Montessori’s conviction that only the child can bring about a peaceful humanity. She chose to work with (6-9) students because their minds truly are, as Dr. Montessori described, fertile fields, in which seeds of knowledge grow “under the heat of flaming imagination.” Jean is honored to guide children through their unfolding in this way.

Jean was raised in Cincinnati and loves her neighborhood of Northside, where she lives with husband Andy and daughter Noa (as well as 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs, and a rotating guest list of various invertebrates)! Her family loves to spend time together making art and music, reading, telling jokes, exploring nature, and visiting the many cultural gems Cincinnati has to offer.