Kaleidoscope: A Beautiful Vision

When a group of butterflies takes flight and begins a journey together, they are called a kaleidoscope. Together their wings create shifting colors and patterns – a diverse and ever-changing community, reaching toward tomorrow. The New School Montessori is beginning a capital campaign that will reach toward tomorrow in a way that celebrates and encourages an even more diverse and ever-changing community. Our journey together, like a kaleidoscope of butterflies, is “A Beautiful Vision.”

In 2022, The New School Montessori embarked on a Capital Campaign seeking to fund a vision, a beautiful vision, in the form of an earth-friendly, student-inspiring, community-raising performance, events, and academic hub: The Kaleidoscope Center. In Montessori-speak, this was our Big Work! The good, make that the great, news was the big-hearted response and generosity of our community translated into over $1.8 million in gifts and pledges toward making The Kaleidoscope Center a reality. Unfortunately, a pandemic-driven counterweight to this philanthropic spirit, in the form of skyrocketing construction costs, threatened the project’s feasibility.

But visions are worth fighting for, especially one as potentially transformative as the Kaleidoscope Center. Over the past year, the Kaleidoscope Team revisited the design, scope, materials, and even the makeup of the team itself, seeking affordability without compromising the beauty, functionality, and promise of the dream. The effort was a success on many levels—financial, flow, and feasibility. The Campaign for The Kaleidoscope Center is now set to resume, seeking to build on the momentum, leadership, and philanthropy of the initial wave of giving and support.

To make a full and colorful kaleidoscope takes all of us, contributing what each of us can. With you involved, it’s “A Beautiful Vision.”




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