Be kind to yourself, and make a plan.

Hello Friends,

We are absolutely thrilled to begin a new school year with you!  The summer flew by, but we hope that everyone enjoyed moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. The summer can often provide opportunities to step outside of a demanding pace and routine to simply enjoy the beauty of nature, or relish in a lightness of being that comes from having nothing on your calendar for a week or two.

These pockets of time can often serve as a reminder to find ways to incorporate small moments in our day-to-day lives where we set aside an hour or even 10 minutes to do nothing. Breathe. Call attention to the miracle of your existence. Intentionally setting aside time to be grateful for the people in your life who sincerely want the best for you and you for them in return. 

Speaking of people in our lives we sincerely want the best for, we can’t wait to see your children!  Each family has received their orientation packets by now with class assignments, supply list, etc.  If you have not received this, please let us know.



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