Vote for KOMODO 2020 – Student answers questions about Komodo dragons in a press conference

New School Montessori 4th grader, Henry,  enlisted his family in helping him complete his homework assignment which was to “write down some questions for an adult to ask you about an animal of your choosing.”

Henry decided that being peppered with questions from a bunch of adults felt very similar to a press conference, and so his family joined in the fun of creating a mock press conference about the upcoming election for King of the Reptiles between candidates: Komodo Dragon and his opponent Bearded Dragon.

As you watch the videotaped press conference, you will see Henry set the record straight about the recent controversy when Komodo was seen sticking his tongue out at a gathering of turtles. Henry assured reporters that Komodo did not mean to be rude and dismissive, rather he uses his tongue to smell.

The New School Montessori is endorsing KOMODO2020 in the next election and wishes Komodo luck as he continues on his campaign trail through Google Classroom. Don’t forget to cast your vote!

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