The Last Days of School


We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.” -M. Montessori

Hello Friends,

What an extraordinary year!  Each of you had a hand in making it a success.  Thank you.  We truly could not have done it without everyone working together.  When I think back to the first week of school, (it feels like a hundred years ago) I will never forget standing outside watching children play tag, climb trees, and fill the campus with laughter and joyful noise.  I remember thinking then, children will show us how to get through this.  Time and again they remained flexible and understanding.  They rarely complained about the new procedures and protocols. But, most of all, they reminded us how to be joyful even in moments of struggle.  I knew when I saw them all playing together that they had a lot to teach us.  I knew nothing could stop us!


During this last week of school, our students were able to come into contact with the remarkable emerging of the 17-year cicada.  I would walk into the preprimary and there would be a cluster of students grinning with 2 or 3 of these newly hatched marvels crawling up the front of their shirt.  They would name them.  They would hold them in the palm of their hands, then gasp in gleeful astonishment as they took flight. I was struck when realizing the next time the cicadas come, these beautiful young preprimary children will be in their early twenties.  I hope they hold the same joyful wonder.


This morning,  I saw our graduating 6th grade class, looking so grown up.  Twelve years of development. Emerging young adults.  The parents and staff looked upon them at the graduation ceremony with the same sense of awe our preprimary students demonstrated – as if our 6th graders were mysterious and miraculous creatures poised to take flight. And, of course, they are.  And we, collectively gasp in gleeful astonishment.


Our (6-9) children celebrated India’s Holi Festival with an abundance of joy and energy. Symbolic colored powder billowed and painted our parking lot and bodies.  Children danced to music, learned how to use chopsticks and make origami art.   Then our third graders went home, showered, and came back for their graduation.  Another milestone. Another emerging.


I was also able to meet with our online students for their graduation.  I realized what I thought was nearly impossible became possible.  They were a community – a beautiful, tight, hysterical community.  We laughed and reflected on the year.  They shared photos and inside jokes with each other.  Original poems were read aloud and comedy skits were performed.


Wow, these last days of school have been an absolute blast!  I could try to describe it all, but I thought a little video might be better.  (See below)  Enjoy!


I will be in touch over the summer as the Ohio Department of Health and CDC guidelines change in relation to school safety requirements.  We expect there will be some restrictions loosened, while keeping others in place.  In combination with what we learned through experience this year, ODH, CDC, and the parent survey results, we will communicate with families what to expect for the 21/22 academic year.


In the meantime, be good to yourselves.  This time last year felt very different.  Let’s be grateful.


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