Successful Fundraising, Sr. Projects, Looking Ahead to Our Last Week of School

Hello Friends,

We had an extraordinary auction and gala last Saturday.  Thank you for attending.  Audrey Cobb provided a spectacular spread of delicious bites, the Renaissance Jazz Band serenaded us from the porch, and it felt SO good to gather together as a community.

The generosity of our community was inspiring.  We raised over $90,000.00!!  We have now reached $1.8 million towards our Capital Campaign.  Thank you for your support and trust in our vision toward a better tomorrow!   If you weren’t able to make the event and were still wanting to contribute to the Kaleidoscope Campaign, CLICK HERE.

It is hard to believe we only have one more week left in the school year. We are looking forward to celebrating the year as we host graduation celebrations picnics, field days, and other events that will be a part of our final week. Please keep an eye out for reminders from teachers and the Look Ahead that will be in your inbox later today.

Tonight we will be hosting our Senior Project. This is a year-long research project that our 6th graders undertake. They choose a topic, spend a year gathering information, organizing, writing drafts, editing, rewriting, and ultimately finalizing a three-chapter research paper. They then condense their research into a 7-minute powerpoint presentation and deliver their speech to their peers, parents, and alumni.  The skills they are developing through this project (discovering tools needed to follow your interest, organizing your thoughts in a compelling way, confidently presenting your research to an audience, etc) set our graduating 6th graders up for success as they step into their next plane of development.  We are so proud of who they are!  Good luck tonight, 6th graders!

Have a great weekend!


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