Learning About Diwali and Dia de Muertos

We are so grateful to our New School Montessori families for teaching us about various celebrations around the world.

This week, students in (3-6) and (6-9) learned about Diwali, which is a 5-day festival of lights, and enjoyed some favorite treats shared from India. Children listened to the presentation, learned about the names of the clothes worn and asked questions about the bindi that Shital wore on her forehead. The red dot used to be worn to show that a woman was married. Today many wear a bindi as a sign of a blessing, keeping one centered.


Another important celebration, this time from Mexican culture, is Dia de Muertos. This was presented by Karla, a New School Montessori parent who read to the children about how “Day of the Dead” is celebrated in Mexico and that it is to honor loved ones who have died and remain in our hearts and thoughts. The children applied colorful decorations and talked about those we remember.

Learning about our culture as a community – asking questions, tasting foods, hearing stories – brings us into a better understanding and appreciation of the diversity we value so much.



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