Lydia Neiheisel

Lydia Neiheisel, (3-6) Teacher and

Community Engagement/Office Assistant/Auxiliary Clerk

Lydia Neiheisel

Lydia Neiheisel, (3-6) Teacher

I have been fortunate to be a part of The New School Montessori for most of my life. I was a student here from 1st through 6th grade, worked in the summer program through high school and then became a certified Montessori teacher in 2001. I worked in the preprimary program for 15 years with a few years off, raising my own children. I have a daughter, Mae, who started when she was 3 and is now 9 and my son, Guerin, is in TNSM’s (6-9) level.

We are a three generation New School family; both of my parents were deeply involved in the school since the 1980s. My father was president of the board and my mother was the assistant director for 30 years. This year, in addition to taking on a role as (3-6) teacher, I am also stepping in to a board role to share my unique perspective and experience, having seen the school from multiple sides and throughout its many years of existence.