Kindergartners learn to marble paper

Ryonen Ignatius introduced her (3-6) art students to a technique they used with paper and acrylic paint called marbling. Students looked at samples of marbling on the colorful edges of old books and in beautifully marbled paper created by masters.
This marbling effect is similar to suminagashi which means “floating ink” where artists drop ink into water and create patterns by blowing across the surface. Confectioners also use a marbling-type technique when they drag a toothpick from one color of icing into another.

The students enjoyed learning the process and:

  • mixed the liquid starch with alum to provide a ready surface
  • dropped acrylic paint onto the starch puddle
  • dragged a comb or toothpicks across the top to intermingle the colors
  • placed a piece of paper on top
  • removed and righted the paper to be face up to dry


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