May You Be Happy!

Hello Friends,

The New School Montessori hopes everyone has a Thanksgiving break filled with peace, gestures of kindness, moments to reflect, and intentions to slow down and be present. This time can also be busy as some of us prepare for family visits and big dinners. If you are interested in a few ways to incorporate Montessori into your Thanksgiving celebration consider the following:

  1. Allow your child to help you with meal preparation. Maybe it’s using their math skills to help with measuring ingredients or just learning some valuable practical life skills, but including your child(ren) deepens their understanding and appreciation for the occasion.
  2. Model gratitude by taking a moment to talk about what your family is grateful for. This can be done around the dinner table, during bedtime routines, prayer, or letter writing. The gift of showing how to express and feel gratitude is priceless.
  3. If you are gathering for a Thanksgiving dinner, have fun decorating the table! Our students are very good at setting a table for lunch. On top of that, they are amazing artists! Put these two talents together, and let them wow you and your guests with an artfully set table. Here are a few links with some ideas to get you started:

May you be happy.
May you be safe.
May you be healthy.
May you be peaceful and at ease.

Jeff Groh



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