Fostering Metacognition for over 100 years!

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about what a forward-thinking pioneer Maria Montessori was and about how non-Montessori educators talk about how education needs to change in radical ways –and then they always end up describing the Montessori classroom.
I was recently reading an article, Fostering Metacognition in Preschool and, yet again, found the author describing the Montessori way (without ever mentioning Montessori)!  Here is an excerpt:

“Legitimizing and respecting what children do on a daily basis is an important part of my role as an early childhood educator. For this reason, I base my work on listening, observing, and welcoming children’s common and individual interests. While I listen to them and observe what they show me, I propose explorations and questions to affirm their learning process.

Young children, 3 and 4 years old, acquire knowledge by playing; they investigate, raise, and evaluate hypotheses, creating meaning for their interactions and experiences. While they play, children learn how to recognize and solve problems by exploring different situations, which allows them to acquire knowledge in the physical, social and emotional, and cognitive areas. It’s through play that children legitimize their learning processes and have the opportunity to be protagonists in their own learning development.”

This describes the (3-6) Montessori environment, fostering metacognition for over 100 years!


Thank you for an amazing walkathon!  The weather was perfect, the children had loads of fun, and we surpassed our fundraising goals!  Way to go TNSM community!  A BIG thanks to all the volunteers that helped out!
TNSM Gala and Auction. May 14th 6:00 – 10:00
Get your babysitter set up because you will not want to miss out on this event.   There will be great live music, amazing bites compliments of our talented chef, Audrey Cobb, wine, beer, fun photo opportunities, and a live auction that has a little something for everyone!  Get your tickets now! CLICK HERE
Have a GREAT weekend.  It is going to be a beautiful one!
Jeff Groh

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