Learning about neurodiversity

Hello Friends,
Friday night, a group of parents gathered in the Growing Room for TNSM’s Chat Series which was hosted by the Diversity and Community Engagement Committee. Over good food, a little wine, and great company, we engaged in meaningful conversations about how to embrace, celebrate, and support neurodiversity within our community.


Through facilitated discussions, TED talks, and computer simulations, we took a deep dive into what neurodiversity means. One salient observation was that judging a fish by how well it rides a bike is a great example for the  inherent flaws within some standardized measures of student success.
We hope you can join us next time! I have rarely laughed so hard while learning so much. I’m telling you, this is a great group to be in!


Speaking of raising awareness in the arena of neurodiversity, don’t forget to join us this Wednesday morning (Feb. 12) @ 8:15 for a presentation by Dr. Mary Ann Mulcahey on Executive Functions and ADHD. We will meet in the Growing Room and the lecture will be an hour long.  We will keep the coffee hot and flowing!  All parents are welcome.


See you there!


Jeff Groh



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