“Never Seen Anything Like It”

Hello Friends,

Every day I am reminded of how unique and loving The New School Montessori community is.  One day it could be a parent who took the time to come up to school to refresh and beautify the stone planters  with flowers that beautifully frame our entryway to the Mitchell Mansion.  Another day it could be a student who accidentally dropped a plate of lunch on the floor, and immediately 2-3 students come over to help clean it up. It could be the 3-hour tour and discussion Ceara (Assistant Director) provides for an inquiring family that ends with Ceara returning to her desk with a, “They are amazing; I love my job!” before sending them a “thanks-for-coming email”.

On Wednesday, I was reminded of this amazing feeling when leading a group of teachers and administrators from a local Montessori school through our campus and classrooms.  After spending the morning observing in our environments, we shared one of chefs Audrey and chef JJ’s lunches together in our beautiful Growing Room.  The visitors reflected with me  on how independent and strong our teachers are – how close  the relationships are between colleagues and with the students. They were impressed with how all of our full-time teaching staff are Montessori trained, including the teaching assistants!  And, of course, they were blown away by the love and thoughtfulness around our lunch program.  They shared, “they’ve never seen anything like it.”  I had to agree. 
Have a great weekend!



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