Important Days in Your Life

Hello Friends, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain Every time we start a new school year, I am reminded of Twain’s quote above.  One reason for this is that as a member of the TNSM staff, we get to collaboratively celebrate the second-most-important day of our lives – why we are here.  We have decided to help others, to teach and learn from children, and to joyfully participate in their lives. The other reason I am reminded of the quote is because your …

Orientations / First Day

Monday, Tuesday Aug 19, 20 For preprimary students who have not attended TNSM before, we are offering 2 days of orientation for them to grow more familiar with the routines and rhythms of their new Montessori classrooms. These students are required to attend both days (Aug 19, 20). Following their 2-day orientation, their next day with normal school hours is Wednesday, August 21 when school begins. You are welcome to enter the classroom as early as 8:30 with your child. Class runs from 9:00-1:00 on both days with lunch provided. Tuesday, August 20 Elementary student orientation  (10AM – 2PM) For …

Time to lift others up and to lie in a field of grass

Hello Friends, “I remember a shadow on a cave wall that looked like a girl swinging.” One our 6th graders shared that sentence during his graduation speech the last day of school this year. It showed up, out of context, between your usual thank-you’s to teachers and friends. “ I would like to thank Nancy for helping me with algebra this year…” “…Laura for guiding me through my Senior Project.” “Emily made science a lot of fun.” ” I have made a lot of great friends here at The New School and hope that we will stay in touch….”  “On …

Video Clips of New School Montessori Senior Project Presentations

Each year, New School Montessori sixth graders embark on a yearlong odyssey, researching a topic of interest to them. They condense their fifteen-page papers into riveting 5-minute oral Power Point presentations. In the span of a pleasant evening you can learn about many interesting topics and characters from history. Our alumni often return to the school to support each year’s 6th graders. They have shared that what they learned through TNSM’s senior project process has prepared them – not only for the rigors of junior high and high school – but for writing, public speaking and the joy of learning …

Jazz musicians visited TNSM

Johnnyé White is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a background in education and psychology. She joined TNSM’s staff in 1992 and leads our Appreciating Differences and Civil Rights and Civics courses for 1st through 6th graders. Johnnyé often invites community members to visit our school to bring something new to the children’s understanding of our world. Today Johnnyé brought friends and musicians, Jazz Renaissance, to play for her students during their Arty Gras celebration outdoors. The students enjoyed the music, danced, tapped their toes and played along with rhythmic instruments. We are so grateful to these musicians …

Cardboard arcade games to experience and share

New School Montessori elementary students created arcade games from cardboard, wrote up the rules and spent the afternoon taking turns manning their booths and trying each others’ games. Here are some videos to check out.  

Learning more about levers

New School Montessori students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade are winding down for the year with their study of levers in physical science class. After learning about the fulcrum, resistance (load) and effort, students followed experiment cards to build 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class levers to see how the distance from the fulcrum affected the effort it takes to move the load.  

Kindergarten art show and play

Kindergarten students put on an art show and play last week that was spectacular! Here are some pictures of their work.  

Studying animals of all sorts

New School Montessori students in the (6-9) level have been studying all kinds of animals. From backyard bees brought by TNSM farming teacher, Carrie Driehaus, to zoo animals at Cincinnati’s zoo, to butterflies at Krohn Conservatory. The students have been busy learning about animals of all sorts.