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The New School Montessori Rocks @ Northside Tavern
Jan 26 @ 12:00 am – 7:00 am

TNSM Rocks Logo jpgThe New School Montessori has put together an event to raise funds for their scholarship program while showcasing its talented and dedicated staff, its healthy, chef-prepared lunches with vegetarian options, and its musical parents.

The evening begins in the front room of The Northside Tavern featuring various members of the staff who belong to professional musical groups outside of their roles at TNSM.

The spotlight will first be on preprimary teacher Robby Lewis who’s known as Rob Lazer, with his band LZRPNY followed by internationally renowned musician Baoku Moses who has led a drumming program at TNSM’s after-school clubs for many years.

Enjoy light snacks provided by TNSM’s cuisine team -Audrey Cobb, former owner/chef of Mullane’s Parkside Café, and her assistant Ryonen Ignatius.


At 9pm, head to the back room to help raise funds for TNSM’s Scholarship Fund by participating in Live Band Karaoke, led by TNSM parent Paul Brumm.

The whole event will culminate with a proper Rock ’n’ Roll show hosted by the bands of TNSM parents Brent Donaldson of Smasherman and Kristen Kreft of The Perfect Children.


7pm: The New School Montessori Staff Happy Hour Music and Food

9-11pm Live Band Karaoke Fundraising Experience

What is the Live Band Karaoke Fundraising Experience?

As described by the Urban Dictionary:

Skareoke /skarē-ōkē/when someone turns in a song on one’s behalf at a karaoke bar, without either one’s consent or knowledge of the song choice

STEPHANIE: Let’s skareoke tonight.
RUSS: Okay, I’ll turn in a song for you, and you turn one in for me.
STEPHANIE: Sounds good. Just no Lady Gaga, okay?
RUSS: As long as you don’t do Michael Bolton for me?

Fund Raising List:
$10 a song
$20 to get out of singing said song
$50 “Double Dog Dare” = One MUST sing said song

Let the games begin!