The New School Montessori Calendar

Kindergartners to Green Acres
Dec 16 @ 4:30 pm – 7:45 pm

Kindergartners are going to the Green Acres Farm in Indian Hill to learn about the winter solstice. They have discussed many traditions of the holiday event, including singing and dancing around the Scandinavian yule log, and they have tasted yule cake.

Please make sure your child is dressed warmly on Monday with snow boots, mittens, coat and hats as the presentation is outdoors. Our chef, Audrey Cobb, will be packing a lunch for the kindergartners to eat on their adventure to Green Acres.



Creative Movement After-School Club Performance @ TNSM Growing Room
May 5 @ 7:15 pm – 7:45 pm

Jennifer Frank and her after-school club preprimary dancers will perform a dance presentation in the Growing Room beginning at 3:15 pm.