Teacher Beth Canarie gives some ideas of outdoor spring activities

Hello, what better way to celebrate spring than to take a walk in your yard or a park, practicing social distancing. Begin by noticing the changes in the color of the grass. Notice the beautiful buds appearing on the trees.  Some are white, pink, green and yellow. Notice the bulbs sprouting in the gardens. What flowers do you see? Notice the curly worms are starting to show themselves. Smell the fresh air. What colors do you see in the sky? If there is a puddle of water like in my backyard – go jump in it! The birds are singing …

TNSM’s COVID-19 Response

This Director’s Update is intended to change periodically and grow as we learn more about what we can do to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and as we share more videos, lessons from teachers and updates from our community. PLEASE CLICK HERE to be directed to the google doc where we keep adding new information We have a clickable table of contents so you can easily see what’s new and what things you want to learn more about.    

Rob Clark shares beginning chess instructions

Rob Clark offers an after-school chess club for New School Montessori students. In this time while we are away from school, Rob has created the first of his videos to teach all of us important chess moves and fundamentals. While Rob’s chess club members can use this video as a refresher to continue in their mastery of this age-old game of strategy, the rest of us can use this first video as a way to learn the game, so we can play with our families too.

What a great auction!

Hello Friends, The auction was amazing!!!  When The New School Montessori community comes together, great things happen.  MadTree was a beautiful location with great music provided by Caravan.     The evening was full of positive energy created by a community of people who love TNSM. Alumni families, staff members from the 1970s, current staff and families, and alumni students came together to celebrate the past, present and future of our school.   The auction committee (Lydia Neiheisel, Morgan and Mindi Rich, Doug Sackin, Alison Dearden, Ryonen Ignatius, Robin Hartmann, Tara Haas, Jamie Ward, Ann Baumgardner, Rob Clark, Jamie Harder, Jackie …

Generation Alpha’s spin on Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa has never looked so good!  New School Montessori preprimary students created their own version of the iconic masterpiece and learned about her famous painter, Leonardo da Vinci.  Preprimary art teacher, Ryonen Ignatius, introduced the children to the da Vinci, explaining his interest in helping young children to become artists and his diligence in keeping his notebook at the ready for sketching and jotting down ideas. The students loved da Vinci’s backwards writing style that could only easily be read using a mirror.  Whether da Vinci wrote backwards to protect his ideas from being copied or to keep …

From roots to shoots, kindergartners have sprouted grassy hair!

  New School Montessori kindergartners have been studying germination in their botany lessons with Colleen. A number of weeks ago, students planted seeds in clear plastic cups. Colleen took their pictures and placed each child’s photo strategically on the cup’s edge so it looks like students are in need of a  “haircut.” With each passing day, their grassy “hair” grows longer and longer. Colleen asked the kids to imagine clover and grass growing on their heads as she took their pictures. It’s fun to see their creative poses.  

“Play is the highest form of research.”

Dear Friends,  Do you remember how you used to play? The world lent itself to your imagination. You never walked. You danced or skipped or tumbled your way from one place to another. No tree was just a tree. The red maple in my backyard had the power to make anyone who touched it invisible. If you have forgotten how to turn a bush into base during a game of tag, or how to transform the grass under the monkey bars into volcanic lava, come on by and visit The New School Montessori during recess. You will be reminded how …

An order of waffles, comin’ up!

It’s so hard to wait that eternal minute when the timer finally signals that your waffle is ready. New School preprimary students always prepare their own snacks in the classroom. They may choose to spread apple butter on bread, cut fresh fruit, juice an orange – and now they’ve added waffle making! Each student has received a lesson on waffle making, but a teacher stays close by to make sure everyone remembers the correct and safe process and to use an oven mitt. Students are proud of their work and don’t mind gobbling their projects into oblivion.

Students learned about the need for leap year and performed calculations to create a beautiful pattern showing Leap Years between 1904 and 2092.

New School Montessori students in 1st-3rd grade celebrated leap year by learning why we add an extra day to February’s calendar every 4 years. It’s to allow our calendar to more closely match up to our solar year. In general, if a calendar year is divisible by 4, then it’s a leap year. (However, even though we add a leap day every 4 years, there is an 11-minute difference that builds up over 300-400 years, and we eventually are off by enough that another correction has to be made). Students followed the assigned instructions, starting in the year 1904 and …